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Google AdWords - How to get the most bang for your money?

toppdoggtoppdogg subscriber Posts: 8
edited February 2008 in Marketing
Hi, everyone,
We have been using Google AdWords for about 2 months now.   The click rate is about 1% from searches and about 0.05% from content network.  How these numbers look?  We understand that the ad content is the key.  Besides the ad content (and spent a fortune to bid the keywords), are there other ways to boost the click rate?
Is Google AdWords a proper place for some wild, crazy ads (think guerrilla marketing)?  For example, Google suggests that if you sell cars, do not use "real estate" as the keyword (meaning that do not use "irrelavant" keywords).  But if every sponsor uses "relavant" keywords, would the ads look pretty much same for everybody?  Then, how do you differentiate youself from the crowd?  Has anyone try "irrelavant" keywords?
We definitely need more web traffic to our site.  For a company selling products, is Google AdWords a good channel to drive the traffic?
Any feedbacks and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


  • studiocheriestudiocherie subscriber Posts: 6
    Personally, I get frustrated by irrelevent adwords.  If I click on something, it`s because I want to buy it, if the click takes me to a product that doesn`t fill my need, I am not buying.  The other day, I searched for "wholesale yoga pants" and most of the results were relevent.  The one that wasn`t wholesale at least had yoga pants.  That`s a good experience.  If there were results that did not even relate to athletic wear, that would be bad.  I think if more of us stick to what we are actually selling, people will trust adwords to be a help.  I think you can find adwords that specify the result someone is looking for and fill their need. 

    Drooling baby?  We just had a photo session last night, and soon that link will actually show a drooling baby in dad`s arms, which will make it better.  But at least it`s a product you could use.
  • c0nversionc0nversion subscriber Posts: 0
    If you`re not already using keyword insertion (there`s a help topic on this in AdWords), you should. This is where if the user`s search term that they type in the search bar is within the character length of the Adwords head line, that will appear as your title of the ad. {Keyword: Your Keyword} is how that works for Google AdWords (the `Your Keyword` is whatever standard headline if the search query is too long. I`ve experienced increases in CTR by using this.

    Focus on relevant content for increased conversion.
    Make sure you are sending those that click to the most relevant page on your site for that search, use AdWords to assist in delivering visitors to deeper content on more long tail keyword terms. Studies have shown that providing consistency across a search behavior will re-enforce and validate that a user is in the correct place. ie...if you match their search term with the same term in the copy, and on the landing page, chances are you`ll retain their interest. Website optimization and testing can be your next step if you want to get more involved.

    Also, don`t forget to test, test and test some more in terms of the PPC ad copy for your keywords.  
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