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Marketing to people who suffer from rosacea (facial redness)

toppdoggtoppdogg subscriber Posts: 8
edited February 2008 in Marketing
Rosacea is a dermatological disease that affects over 14 million Americans (redness on face, cheeks, nose and foreheads), but majority of them do not know it (according to a survey by National Rosacea Society, it is something like 78%).  We have developed an excellent product to treat such a condition.  What would you suggest that which group of people would be a better target for us, people who know they have rosacea or people who do not know it?  Which audience would be a better investment for us (most bang for the buck in terms of marketing budget)?  We believe that educating people who do not know it would be much more expensive than reaching people who know it.  Does anyone have any suggestions about targeting these very specific audiences ?
Our product page:



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    toppdoggtoppdogg subscriber Posts: 8
    Thanks, Loren, for the feedback.  Do you happen to have more info/resources on how to set up an affiliate program?
    Thank you,
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    ProfessionalListsProfessionalLists subscriber Posts: 1
    I can provide you lists of people who`ve filled out forms on line stating they have Rosacea or who are taking products to treat Rosacea.
    If you`ll give me a call with more information reagarding your needs, we can work out a list for you and provide you with counts and pricing over the phone.
    Let me know if we can help!
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