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MoMentumMoMentum subscriber Posts: 1
Hi, New here...... I am a business major with 11 years experience working 8-5 in a trading environment...  While I have done well in my current career, I have always day dreamed and brainstormed about start-up ideas, business models, ect, longing to work for myself one day.  Over the years I have come up with some good (and some not so good) ideas and have seen at least two of my ideas put in play by someone else, and becoming highly successful.
The ideas have always flowed from my mind, and I am / always have been a creative thinker.... thoughts of creating my own business have come and gone over the years, ebbing and flowing depending on career developments, ie, new promotion / excitement in career, my mind would engage in the current career and I might go months  or even a few years without much entrapenural thought..... but as always, the creative ideas begin to flow as soon as I begin to feel less engaged as the new position / challenge begins to wear off... (I am currently in that career)
I believe I have come up with a business model / start up idea that is very valuable....it has so much potential that I am afraid to discuss it with anyone unless I am sure they will not be interested in "stealing it" or unable to act on it.  What few discussions I have had with these "non starter" types has always resulted in positive feedback, and universally:
1) Wow thats a great idea
2) "I would be interested in that" (as a customer)
3) If you do it, let me know (would like to be in on it, but has no intrest / ability to start it themselves)
1) How do I further develop the idea and get "professional" feedback without jepordizing my idea to someone else (obviously internet is bad choice)
.....can I copyright it as a business and also the model before operation?
>The start up of this business would require low capital (low barrier to entry)..... BUT, done right, a barrier to entry could be created via momentum,  I see the biggest challenge is not in start up cost, but in organizing and building to critical mass quickly and professionally. 
So, as my concern layed out above states, this Idea has high risk of takover / copy cat / ratting.... due to relatively low cost of entry... My strategy would be to roll out the buisness at once with great impact and "create" barrier with mass, trouble is, doing so would also lay the idea out to several people over say, 3 to 6 months before startup "roll out" occurs.....   First, I see starting the "core" of the business with 6 to 10 professionals, then the marketing phase and then rollout phase.... It is a business that creates ownership for others (franchise) and requires little time for those phase two owners, but would be highly attractive and rewarding.  Requires no manufacturing and little selling, because it sells itself!  It would be Internet based.  When I think about this Idea I see a current void / need and this idea fills that need.  Why it is not being done already, I cant understand, but its one of those "Someone will sooner or later"
THE QUESTION RE-STATED:  Can I copyright the idea / model before beginning the business ? Does copyrighting really protect my intrest ?   Does it (copyrighting) protect me enough to discuss it with oher like minded professionals (those who would be most likely to "steal" my idea in some fasion) ?
Thanks for your help !
 MoMentum2006-9-6 22:47:3


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    latoyaballlatoyaball subscriber Posts: 0
    Can you help me start my own business?
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    MoMentumMoMentum subscriber Posts: 1
    Latoya,  I am new to entrapenurship, so Im not sure how much help I can give... Im sure many here have more experience with it.  My biggest strength right now is idea development (always has been).... So thats about all I caan offer, but you may not wish to share ideas and you should think twice about that anyway.   If you need help with anything specific or technical about starting a business, my help is probably limited.....  Good luck MoMentum2006-9-7 2:38:17
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    amacgi1amacgi1 subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi TC,
    I think a confidentiality agreement is your best bet. Copyrighting, patenting, etc (if they are possible) will take time and  money best invested in getting your business off the ground.
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    patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    Business names, as such, can NOT be protected under federal trademark law.  Business names can NOT be protected under federal copyright law.  Business names can NOT be protected under federal patent law.
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    cugelertcugelert subscriber Posts: 7
    Trust your gut instincts when it comes to when and if you should seek counsel.  It never fails.  And don`t forget the non-disclosure agreement.
    If your afraid of competition, copycats, etc, then I hate to say this, but it will happen no matter how much money you dish out to protect yourself.  Thats life.
    If I were you... I`d seize the moment.  Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate.  Because if you don`t, someone else will.  So stay ahead of them and make a name for yourself before copycats try to jump in.
    2 cents...
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