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Questions for an Entrepreneur

hitzatakhitzatak subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2007 in Grab Bag
Real soon our class at college is having an entrepreneur come over to
rub off on us and answer questions.  I was thinking about this site
first thing when the teacher asked us to formulate questions to ask.
Could  you
guys help me come up with a list on what questions needs to be asked to a
successful entrepreneur?


  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    How about...What investment opportunities have inspired you to become an entrepreneur? (the point of this question is to learn the market for which he/she is involved)Then...Do you get involved with more than one opportunity at a time?And...What percentage of return do you expect to get on your investment and how long do you expect it to take? (of course each entrepreneurial opportunity will be different, but the point is to understand what he/she feels are good money making opportunities)
  • vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0

    Great questions above!
    *how happy and focused are you with this business?
    *how do you start the day off?
    * what keeps them in their business if the times are hard and you`re not selling
    -the inspiration?
    -their why? (this is the kicker, you want to know their why-the answer can`t be because they are tired of the concrete floors or pushy bosses....it has to be "WHY"or have they decided what their "WHY" is? For an example: My children are my "why" I choose to be run my home based business....to stay in tune with my girls, of course with all of my business reading I do, I gain great strengths that dribble down to my children as well! Nice circle of education.
    -is it a vision of where they are going to be, that never gives up or gives in?
    *does the company offer a residual income?
    *what is the business plan that is set up for the entreprenuer?
    *are there conference calls and free mentoring for the business entreprenuer?
    *who keeps the entreprenuer motivated with in this business?
    * what is the compensation plan and what do you get out of an auto ship if there is one set up?
    I would love for you to email me on how they answered these questions!
     Please email me [email protected]</A>

  • hitzatakhitzatak subscriber Posts: 1
    Wow, thank you for the GREAT insightful questions guys!  I will get back to you with the answers.  Keep them coming!    
  • jazzmusicianjazzmusician subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello everybody here!!!
    I m working in a business plan but i have some questions in regards to how can i forecast my sales for three years do you guys know if there is a formula to do it not making the mistake of proyecting more than 50% between one year to the other and also how to calculate net profit assuming that if i have more than 20%profit from year to year is almost unrealistic how can i calculate this or there is a formula that i can use ?i hope someone here is able to help me thanks a lot to everyone !!!
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