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Your Input and Help Is Requested, Please!

Oh4TomOh4Tom subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2008 in Website Critique

Oh4.com has been designed to help people sell things, market their services and give everyone the opportunity to earn bonus income in these tough times.
I`d appreciate any and all feed back in the following areas...
1.) Understanding of intended purpose.
2.) Ease of use and navigation.
3.) Feeling of privacy and security.
4.) Overall function / operation.
Thanks in advance for looking and/or commenting.


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    1.) Understanding of intended purpose.
    I looked at the main page for 30 seconds, and have no clue what the site does, what it offers, or what I`m supposed to do.
    2.) Ease of use and navigation.
    The home page is not the same as the "Welcome" page, which is confusing. Then a small "Home" link shows up at the top corners on the other pages. Not a good system.
    3.) Feeling of privacy and security.Plenty of mentions of privacy and security ... but for what reasons? I`m not sure what you are protecting in the overall scheme of your site. Personal information? Buying information?4.) Overall function / operation.I didn`t pursue it that far.Just my opinions .... 1) The Quick Start page .... if you have to explain your site that much, then to me it`s already too confusing and unclear.2) It looks very amateurish with the graphics used.3) Getting found .... for what? There is no clear message what I`m looking for, searching for, what you are doing for me, what I`ll find here, etc.You have a lot on your home page, but really aren`t telling me anything about your site or it`s service. Because you know what your site is about, you have to see it through the eyes of someone that has never seen it before. Then see if you "get it".
  • Oh4TomOh4Tom subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for looking... I understand what you are saying; however...
    There is button, square in the center of the home page...
    "What`s This ?"
    "How Oh4 Works For You !"
    which covers Introduction, Benefits and Features, Privacy and Security and What`s Next...
    Well, some get it and some don`t, personally, I wouldn`t give up quite so easily.
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    There is button, square in the center of the home page...
    "What`s This ?"
    "How Oh4 Works For You !"
    Yes .... but, shouldn`t that be on the main page, so people do get it right away without digging, and not on a popup page? And even in the popup, it isn`t evident right away; you still need to scroll to start to figure it out.
    Even at that, I don`t see a statement that tells what you actually do .... do you submit information to search engines? Are you building a directory? A classified system?
    "Oh4 Has Been Exclusively Designed To Help YOU Get Found."
    That`s fine ... but at least make it clear how you do that for your members .... Maybe I`m just dense at the moment, but I don`t see a thing about what your service actually is.
  • Oh4TomOh4Tom subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for looking again...
    I`m not trying to be obtuse, I`m just trying to figure out how to clarify the situation.
    First a question? Do you have your alt roll over messages on?
    You do misunderstand one thing, where you go in, is the home/main page.When you go to other pages, the "HOME" appears to signal clicking there takes you HOME.
    The Welcome button is Welcome to join, like welcoming one in... Maybe it`s an illogical word choice.
    I do value your feed back, I`ve been doing this for 43 years and you wouldn`t believe the array of users I`ve had to face. I do listen and make changes often to improve and clarify.
    If you get any ideas on exactly what I should say, feel free to let me know.
    Thanks again and if you would like to chat about it, feel free to call 1-866-644-0266, but...
    please not today, been cleaning carpet since 4am.
    PS I did change the What`s This window, that might help and/or I could just put in on the bottom of the home/main page.
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    I`m not sure what "alt rollovers" have to do with anything. I shouldn`t need a rollover to tell me what I`m looking at in this case.
    I`ve already stated what I think you need to do, and it`s only my opinion ... clarify up front exactly what your site does. It simply isn`t obvious to me what the purpose is, or how your site benefits me, either as a member or a visitor. If others figure it out right away, then I`ll figure I`m just misreading your message, and maybe someone else will have a
    better handle on it.
    I really can`t make it any clearer than that.
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    Webline is spot-on.  I haven`t a clue what the purpose of your site is.  The buttons on the landing/home page are scattered and there`s no logical flow.  The colors and layout look like another of hundreds of "get rich quick" sites.
    I *think* that you are selling web stores, but Webline`s guess is as good as mine.
    Don`t bother explaining the purpose and flow of the site to us.  We`ve seen a lot of sites and if you have to explain it to us, the average user won`t have a chance.  Fix the site and ask again for another review.
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