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Saving Money

tmcprotmcpro subscriber Posts: 2
edited January 2007 in Home-Based Businesses
Hello every one. I just wanted to let people know that I have found a great way to save money. Calling:For my business, I have to make a lot of phone calls. I also had to get a 800 number. With Verizon it cost me a boatload. I found out about VigorTel,com and since then I been paying $20 a month for unlimited call around the world. Faxing:Same goes here, I used to pay a boatload for faxing between paper, ink and a fax until I found out about eFax. It let me send faxes though my email, and that really saved me money. Please post anything else that you have found that saved you money!
tmcpro2006-12-2 16:0:53


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    MerchantServicesMerchantServices subscriber Posts: 4
    Getting my own UPS account has saved me time because I don`t have to wait in line at the post office, I just create my shipment online and UPS comes to my door (worked great when I had a home business too). It also saved me money because I don`t pay the markup price at the Mailbox retailers.
    Time is money, spend it wisely! If you work 244 days per year and work a full 8hr day, you are working 1,952 hours per year. What is your time worth?
    Earnings per year/ Value of one hour
    $50,000/ $25.61
    $70,000/ $35.86
    $100,000/  $51.23
    $150,000/  $76.84
    $200,000/  $102.46
    $500,000/  $256.15
    $1,000,000/ $512.30
     MerchantServices2007-1-16 18:22:38
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