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What does it take to find a business partner?

DyenDyen subscriber Posts: 2
After spending my time working for others for 11 years, I finally gathered up enough courage to decide that I should go out and start my own business.


  • stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14

    Except for the buckets of tears, I`m right there with you having
    experienced all the rest. Maybe I just haven`t gotten to the bucket of
    tears yet. Time will tell.

    All I can say is be very careful when chosing partners.

    First ask yourself, do you really need to grow so spread out? Have you
    maxed out the growth potential on even one continent? The more growth
    you can accomplish closer to home the less will be your risk.
  • DyenDyen subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the input. In my business, the further I go from where I am, the more advantage it would be. The closer the targetted markets, the less advantage I would get because their country might have the same resources as mine.
    One partner could only hit certain numbers of distributors even if he`s given one continent. Finding distributors take time and it`s even harder to get the commitment of regular order. So, if I can manage to have several partners in several continents, then my business would be more secure.
    The issue now is, how to find the partners?
  • paul2145rpaul2145r subscriber Posts: 5
    Let me know if you need connection in Russia or in the former Soviet Union. At the moment, I am living in the states, but still have connections in the area, and am fluent in Russian. I also spent 4 years in Israel, and may know a few people that may be of use to you there, as well.
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