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Brainstormers needed for local business please

Timbo6585Timbo6585 subscriber Posts: 3
edited May 2007 in Marketing
I`m glad I`ve across this site, it seems there are quite a few valuable resources here!
I just started a free classifieds site for my small city here.  Most categories are free to post in, the revenue will be created by postings in business listings, apartments, job postings, and real estate.
Here`s some other info:  One local radio station has free classifieds on their webpage and seems to work pretty well for them.  I`d like some of that market share, the other thing is that this website doesn`t sell business listings or anything, so once I get traffic I should be popular amongst the businesses I do hope.  The other classifieds presence in town is the local newspaper who charge an arm and a leg for a classifieds ad in print.
Just started the site a few days ago and am looking for feedback about the site and more importantly ideas on how to market it on a budget that is somewhere between non-existent and very low.  I`ve tried going door to door with a few flyers and haven`t found it to be very encouraging.  I`m thinking about going to parking lots and just putting them under wiper blades, but fear that might be poor taste.
Here is the URL for my site in case anyone finds it relevant:  http://adrianape.com</A>
Thanks for the help everyone!


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    Steve58Steve58 subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    Hi Tim...You have limited marketing $$, and because its listings are so cheap you probably will not have any for a while.. why would I (or anyone else for that matter) list a job for so cheap, it must be no good (thats the perception).if the local classified are expensive then come close to their rates, not the same just close.I did not find the web address to be anything connected to the local community you live in... I could be wrong, and why and ape?anywho... I hve advertised things on a local free to list site here in Australia... the item was highly desireable and not one enquiry over 8 weeks of having it there... I took a look at the site, not many other products there in ANY listing...People pay to list, becuase they know that means you will advertise the service in other media to ensure the site gets traffic.hope that helps.
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    BusinessGrowthExpertBusinessGrowthExpert subscriber Posts: 1
    We echo Steve`s advice regarding price. You need to learn more about the 4P`s of marketing - and consider strategic marketing partnerships (the best and fastest way to grow your particular business on a shoestring budget). You can learn about the 4P`s in a free report you get for signing up at our site: www.boostyourbottomline.com 
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