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Full time or Part Time?

Tigon88Tigon88 subscriber Posts: 3
edited September 2006 in Selecting a Business
I just quit my day job as i was really sick and tired of  it. I
currently do not have any good business idea yet but i know eventually
it will come.
My main question is that do you guys think it is a good idea to get a fulltime job while working on business idea?
I am lost...


  • tojealcatojealca subscriber Posts: 5
    It depends on your situation.  If you can support yourself on a part time income and then focus on the new business venture more that is great, if you need a full time income, then you do that first.  Falling behind on your bills now to get a business going in the future is not a  good business practice!
  • Tigon88Tigon88 subscriber Posts: 3
    Actually, i have a very capable and understanding wife that is
    supporting me at the moment.  In terms of bills, don`t think that
    is a problem yet.
    We discussed and agreed that i will take 3 months time off to work on
    the new business venture. If by then, still nothing promising then, i
    would come up and work as freelance consultant for 3-6 months.

    Only problem i am facing is that, i have been idling for 1 week(just
    quit my job). It is very tough for me day in day out without sense of
    purpose except going into deep thought and surf the net looking for new
    This is when my confidence shook up and i try to rethink my position, is this a good approach at all?

    Appreciate you guys can share your experience on those tough time that you encountered ealier in your start-up life.

  • CheerDirectorCheerDirector subscriber Posts: 4
    To be quite honest, I would suggest getting a job and then using your evenings and weekends to daydream and surf the net.  In the meantime, I would try to isolate what it is that motivates you internally and externally and try to find a business venture that does at least one if not both of those things. 
    For example is technology motivating?  Social issues?  "The deal"?  AND do you need verbal affirmation in your job?  Do you need to make a lot of money to be motivated?  Zero in on these things to help you pinpoint your vision. 
    It took me several years from dreaming to doing to get my business going.  I did alot of planning before I pulled a business license or had business cards printed. 
    Best of luck!
  • WCRTPSSWCRTPSS subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m part time, but I make three times the money I made when I worked full time.  The greatest blessing of keeping my job and working on my business part time was that I trained myself to get a tremendous amount of work done in a very short period of time.
    That being said, when they finally decided they no longer required my services-- there was no doubt in my mind that I would not be going to get another job.  At that time, I was NOT making nearly the money I thought I needed to quit.  However, I took the next three years and worked ON my business (not to be confused with working IN my business- I do NONE of the actual work, I`m the conductor of this orchestra) and when I needed money I worked odd jobs.  I have done everything from bartending to painting for $ because I always wanted to be careful not to take money from the business.
    A business is like a baby.  You can`t expect it to feed you and wipe your behind until you`ve fed it and wiped its behind first.
    So, right now-- it`s not about you. It`s about what`s best for the business.  Take care of it, it`ll take care of you and yours for generations.
  • Tigon88Tigon88 subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi tojealca, CheerDirector,rossb,WCRTPSS and MiteyMite:

    Thanks for all your valuable input. Everything that you guys said is
    just painfully true. I took a moment to dissect myself and i found that
    main problem here is that i am stress because i am not focus. 
    Reason being, my mind and energy are still with the old job. The brutal
    fact is that my ego was hurt and i have not come to term with it. I
    talked to one of my friend that has a start-up and told him about my
    situation, he told me point-blank, if i think whatever i felt now is
    bad then the road ahead is just going to be hell. If i am not able to
    enjoy the challenge of uncertain future and surprises, then this is not
    the path for me! A kick in the teeth, makes me think real hard and i
    packed up my feelings and started to take some actions.
    I then realise i do have good business idea, previously my mind is just
    too cloudy to make any sound judgement and i will need to remind myself
    in the future of this weakness of mine. Never let your emotion gets
    into your head!
    I have decided to draft out my business plan and meanwhile spread the
    word out to my old contacts to see whether there is any opputurnity of
    working together.
    Today, the director of another market unit called me up and asking me i
    am up for a new post which offers better pay, better corporate
    exposure. I told him no and thank you. Before we hung up, he said:
    Conviction is priceless. You sounded like you have it so i wish you all
    the best. Haha, suddenly, i felt so liberating. I know i am ready now.
    Thanks guys.

  • WCRTPSSWCRTPSS subscriber Posts: 0
    In defense of the OP-- Walt Disney was nearly bankrupt after he failed to protect his intellectual property (Oswald Rabbit-- recently purchased after all these years by Disney) and he was fired by the studio he worked for.
    He came up with "Mortimer Mouse" on a train trip across country.  He, and the rest of us can thank (or blame, depending on your perspective) his wife for re-naming it "Mickey Mouse".
    Basically, he chose to take a sabbatical instead of getting a job-- and I think we all know how that turned out.  Sometimes all you need is the appropriate time away to recharge the batteries, and quit worrying about things for inspiration to strike.
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