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Start a business with little or no money........

MissTiffanyMissTiffany subscriber Posts: 2
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Good day start up nation. My name is Tiffany and I am a 23 year old single work at home mom that got started with little money I made from doing surveys.It was really easy for me and I believe anybody can do it. I first decided my type of business and then I researched the most affordable way to get online and advertise without spending all my savings. (I built the site myself and I knew it wasn`t going to be great but it pays me). Then I found the cheapest way to advertise is by homemade flyers printed using word. I spend less than $12 bucks a month for my site and less than $5 on advertising and got 7000 flyers to post up around town.
I also fax a copy to the local companies in my area and send out a copy with every pizza delivery order at my local pizza place.
I hire high school children to pass out flyers for me while their out roaming around.
I also design and sell t-shirts with my business info on them as well as the people I network with. (This idea works great)
I have many more great ideas that helped me get started but this is business startupnation and not friendship.
I would like to network with others and share ideas as well.
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  • miss tiffany,
    those are some great ideas for marketing!!  what kind of business do you do exactly?? do you do the surveys for companies, or did you just use the money from surveys you had done in the past??
    on the t-shirts, do you make them personally, or have them made?  how do you get the kids to hand out your flyers?  do they work cheap?  (i have a teenager, and she would be horrified if i asked her friends to do something like that)
    how did you get the pizza shop to send out your flyers?  why wouldn`t everyone else hit up the pizza shop to have them do that?  i`ve seen it done, but only for pizza coupons, so i didn`t bother asking.
    i am a sole owner/employee/ceo/accounting clerk/advertising agent, also, and find that i often get sidetracked from actually DOING the work.  suggestions on how to stay focused??  being single must make it quite a bit easier, though.
    good luck and thanks for the great ideas.
     ContinentalPrintingSupplies2006-4-7 11:30:23
  • MissTiffanyMissTiffany subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for your interest.I am currently selling inboxdollars. I get  about $120/month using these programs. I use the money to fund my advertisements.
    Pizza ads are easy- all you have to do is make a deal with them. Offer your services or product in exchange for your ads going out with orders during the day shift or night shift, etc.
    When you go to the pizza shop be sure to have your ads ready and keep them small (postcard size).
    The local high school children are big help in a small way because they are all over the place. I posted flyers in the libraries and stores advetising "extra money for high school students". I hired 5 students we meet at the mall or a community of business. I set up a booth for me and a student to work and send the other three to pass out advertisements to my future customers. We do this twice a week about two hours a day.
    As far as staying focused, I did find it really easy to get side tracked. Now every morning I wake up I get dressed as if I`m leaving the house and I have a busy day ahead. Everything I see and hear I take into consideration of how it can help me advertise so I`m always business-minded from 10am-7pm. It`s crazy but it really works for me.
    Anyway my email is open so let`s swat ideas there.......
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