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NDA Agreements : freelancer or a small co

3ukman3ukman subscriber Posts: 7
edited February 2011 in Protecting Your Ideas
Hey guys ,I have prepped a standard Non Disclosure Agreement for a small outsourcing project I have , however I am really anxious to have the idea protected especially that someone in another country ( india ) will be coding it and therefore possessing both the business model and the developed solution.Anyhow , only thing I am relying on is the NDA I have.I am in doubt whether to choose a small network of freelancers 2 - 4 who will not have a limited company and therefore will be individuals in the legal sense OR to chose a small registered company in India. I am thinking a small company would be easier to target in case later on an Intellectual Property infringement is suspected. On the other hand a small network of contractors kinda seems will be less courageous , less resources to duplicate the business ideas although why not ? . However if they did duplicate the ideas it would be harder to track them / target them.I may be worrying about this too much.
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