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I need your opinions for My Mobi Minder

mymobimindermymobiminder subscriber Posts: 5
edited April 2008 in Website Critique
Hello all,
I have been reading the post here for  a few weeks now, and decided that it was time that I get some feedback on my own site.
In the past week I got some feedback from friends that pointed out some items that I was missing so now I`ve added them and I would like to hear your thoughts. 
Here is some background:  My Mobi Minder is a free reminder service that you can schedule reminders to be sent to your cell phone via SMS(text messaging) up to 365 days in advanced.  My original thought for this was for guys that always forgot birthdays and anniversaries, but then I realized that there were so many other uses for it.  And I have a page a mile long of feature upgrades and other uses for it.  But before I start adding more features than it needs, I wanted to get the basics working.
My problems:  I am getting more and more people coming to the site, but no one is signing up for their account, and those that have signed up are not using it as heavily as I would expect. 
so I need to know "why aren`t people signing up?" and once they are signed up "Why aren`t they using it more?"  So obviously I need some people to not only look at the visual aspects of the site, but also the mechanics.
I built the site myself, as well as the messaging system.  I just hired a graphic artist to help with some of the "pretty" stuff too.
I appreciate any feedback you can give.  I know I have a great concept, so the problem has to be either in the mechanics or the visual appeal.
Here is the site:  http://www.mymobiminder.com/
Thank you!


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    First off, just my opinions.
    The site is hard to look at for long. The colors are hard on the eyes when trying to read the text on the colored backgrounds. There are too many colors that don`t blend and compliment each other.
    The large changing banner is distracting; if you had one stationary banner, and a list of some of the possibilities, I think it would be more effective. Granted the changing banner gets the viewers attention, but distracts from the other areas of the page. And the "Next/Play" button thing with the drop down doesn`t really serve any purpose that I can see. It`s like picking which banner you want to watch.
    I`m guessing you made this in Internet Explorer; in Firefox, it doesn`t look the same.
    As far as usability, for myself, I have a terrible memory, so this might be beneficial for me. The inherent problem, though, is that if I can`t remember dates or appointments or whatever, there`s a good chance I`m not going to remember to use your service either. Not that it`s a bad idea, because it sounds great to me, I just might not remember to use it, and if I do, I may not be near a computer to put in a reminder, and then I`ll forget it later. So, what about access from a cell phone to put in a reminder?
    What is the success rate, so to speak, of messages being sent? In other words, does every single message get sent, do some get dropped or lost, or not sent? Basically, how reliable is it? I put in a "test message" for 12:30 today; it`s now 12:36, and I don`t see it yet. It may be my phone, who knows; sometimes I get voice mails because I don`t get a ring, sometimes texts I`m expecting from people show up late, etc. Maybe time difference in my phone and your server. Just saying. ( EDIT: received at 12:45 )
    Also, like emails, people may want to know that their phone number won`t be sold on a list or given out to marketers, etc.
    Basically, try to step back, forget that you know this system, and view it from a brand new visitors point of view. Would this site sell the concept to you then? I think you need a really good design and more simplified, textual content to sell the concept. It`s like an "Easy as 1-2-3"
    explanation.Register for free!Add an event!Get reminded!
    Understood you`re showing it as beta, just some things to think about.

    Webline4/27/2008 12:47 PM
  • mymobimindermymobiminder subscriber Posts: 5
    Webline and Petunia,
    Thank you for your comments.  This is so helpful for me, I often find it difficult to see it from the user`s point of view.  Sure I know what it does, but I can assume they do. 
    The current graphics on the site I did myself, I have however hired a graphic artist and will consider giving the page a face lift graphically.
    If you were to choose a color theme for this site what would you choose?
    As far as taking this product mobile, we have been looking in to making that possible.  We are very close to releasing the mobile version, as well as an iPhone optimized version.
    I appreciate all your insights on this.
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    I only looked at the home page, and it screamed *amateur*, or worse, possible scam.  The fact that you are here asking advice greatly minimizes that in my mind, but you have to convert that confidence to the first time visitor.  The screaming large font, the gross colors, the changing cartoon-like banners deliver the subliminal message that your site is not to be trusted.
    Nothing is free so I have to guess that you plan to monetize the site with ads.  If I were to receive even one ad via text to my cellphone as a result of using the service, your site would be blacklisted ASAP.
  • mymobimindermymobiminder subscriber Posts: 5
    Everything you`ve mentioned is exactly what I was afraid of.  Makes me second guess some of my recent changes that I made last week to the look and feel of the site.
    Wow, looking like a SCAM, well, that is an image that I would like to get rid of very quickly.  I run a very honest business, so that word is an action word for me.  So that perception will be addressed very quickly.  Since I used a similar design for my www.mobiforbiz.com site, then I have 2 sites to redesign.
    As far as the service being free and spam.  The system is ad supported, BUT, we do not send SPAM.  We reserve 20 characters of each message for an advertiser, this is actually a common model that a lot of news-to-text services are using now.  However, you would never receive a full fledged advertisement message.  You will only receive messages from us that you schedule yourself.
    I am very greatful to have this site to help point me in the right direction.  I want people to take my service seriously, and your comments have opened my eyes a bit.  Thank you!
  • mymobimindermymobiminder subscriber Posts: 5
    in response to ...
    "I then expect to go about my life. At some point, the phone will ring, and having totally forgotten my wife`s birthday, get a message: Your wife`s birthday is in 5 days.
    Does your site work that way? "
    Right now it sends the message at the time and date you specify, but having that option would make sense.  I will see if I can code that in, and see how it works.  That`s one advantage of being my own programmer.
    And your 3 step method also makes sense, I just need to move a few pieces of code around and it can be made that simple.

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