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classified ad section for website

abbadoxabbadox subscriber Posts: 1
I have a animal related website and have recently added a free classified ad section for people looking to buy/sell or give away a pet and have been unable to get it started. I am looking for ideas/advice on how to get some activity going in the section. 


  • abbadoxabbadox subscriber Posts: 1
    There are two primary sites in my niche that also have a classified ad section but both of them charge for listings and I want to make mine free so I feel that would be my edge over the competition, as far as Craiglist goes my niche does not apply very well to it, I am speaking of a very focused classified section.  My competition sites are very active and have hundreds if not thousands of paid ads yet I have been unable to get anyone to start posting within the section.  My website is already getting over 25 thousands uniques a month and much of it very targeted from Google and Yahoo search.  I need someway of getting an initial ad base so when my visitors see the section with activity instead of an empty board I think they will just natually start to participate.
  • blondieblueblondieblue subscriber Posts: 9
    Why not share with us the site ... maybe it will inspire some ideas as to best market the classified ads feature.
  • abbadoxabbadox subscriber Posts: 1
    I left the url off the post because it was my first one on this forum and I did not want it to appear as just a spam post.
  • blondieblueblondieblue subscriber Posts: 9
    Well, without the information of the site you are referring to .. there is no true way to offer suggestions, input, or opinions.
    Feel free to post the url.
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