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How can I get funding for a mobile DJ company?

thaflyinsoundmanthaflyinsoundman subscriber Posts: 1 Member
edited January 2008 in Startup Funding
I am 19 years old and am in my second year of college in a college
town. I know the audience is there for DJs as I DJ now. I have been
slowly upgrading my system with money out of my own pocket. However, I
really want to get some bigger and better gear so i can charge more and
get more gigs. I really like doing it, and doing live sound, so the
business would be more of a "professional audio service." I have a
functioning system, a name, a logo, and an audience. I have also been
commented many times about how good my services and system has been
compared to Joe Schmoe they hired for lasts weeks party.
Ok, so now onto the main part of the question. How can I go about
getting free-ish money? I know that money doesn`t just get thrown at
you, but I have been thinking that maybe i can be sponsored by a
company that markets to college students. For example, i have seen
numerous frat houses with "Rockstar" (the energy drink) plastered all
around it, with free energy drinks  being given out to boot. Has anyone
ever dealt with something like this before?
My main concern is that the sponsor will not want to advertise in
an arena where (we all know it) underage drinking is happening. i do
not drink  at parties that i DJ (or any other time), to keep it as
professional as i can, and of course so i can drive my stuff home at
the end of the night.
I am not really looking for a loan, because i am a college student paying for my own car, and car insurance. I am out of a job, but currently looking for one, but the company is what i really want to do.
any help is appreciated,
Christopher Anderson
[email protected]
(a variation of this logo) http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a93/th ... dSound.jpg
ps, i already have high quality glossy business cards made and have been handing  them out.thaflyinsoundman1/27/2008 2:50 AM


  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Funding for a Mobil DJ company shouldn`t cost you more than 8 thousand, You can probably get the funding by finding a part-time job instead of having to get loan from a bank. Secondly, Welcome to the DJ world! I`ve been a DJ for almost 18 years now and let me tell you something "the DJ world has changed" Everyone wants to be a DJ now-a-days and having a computer has made it easier for non-talented people to venture into being a DJ [no dis-respect] don`t know your skills.
    Keep in mind that, DJing is a culture not a fad as TV portrays it to be, it is not about wearing checkered pants and afros or wearing colorful clothes or having a big rope chain around your neck.
    Being a DJ is what separates you from the rest of the people as an individual  [individuality] and catering unheard music to the crowds is what separates you from the rest of the crew. I don`t know what type of music you play or want to play but if you`re into Rap you`re just another wanna be, if you`re into the underground music movement [house music] then you will set yourself away from the crowd and discover that there is more to music than what MTV or the radio stations play.
    Here is where you ask yourself "Do I want to play the TOP 40`s or do I want to venture into the Club Trax scene?" After 18 years I have 12,000 dance [house] records, 3,000 MP3`s and don`t think I will be stopping anytime soon. you should check out this site Beat Port
    this is where I get all the latest tracks...
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