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Attracting Advertisers

TeeTee subscriber Posts: 2
I have a website that will be up and running within the first week of January.  I will have over 30 banners, buttons, etc. spread throughout ten pages.  I have drafted a letter that I will email or mail to potential advertisers and just need to know how do I explain "site traffiic", since this is a new site.  I`ve noticed alot of new sites that notes that they have a certain amount of daily traffice in their media kit.  What should I do?
Thanks for the great advice in advance.Tee2006-12-20 13:19:22


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    RichardBuggyRichardBuggy subscriber Posts: 4
    It`s going to be an almost impossible sell for a new site. If you can survive a couple of months with no income I`d recommend focusing on the content and increasing traffic instead of generating advertising revenue. Without any traffic you might find it easier to generate income using pay per click (i.e. Google Adwords) or affiliate programs. Generally, these should be easy to sign up for because you only get paid for results.Another option would be to set targets based on the number of visitors you expect and offer a refund for under performance. For example: If you expect 10,000 visitors then provide a full refund for less than 5,000; a pro-rata refund for 5,000 to 9,000 visitors and no refund for more than 9,000 visitors. This may give some advertisers the confidence to advertise with you. You may also want to offer credit accounts with terms so that advertisers receive any refund before the account is due.  Rich
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    TeeTee subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply Richard.  We were thinking abount giving advertisers the first month free on 3,6,9,12 month terms at very, very low rates.  The longer the term, better rate.  We projected to have more than 5,000 visitors on our first site and over 20,000 visitors on the second.  We will have plenty of content on each site which will change each month.  Content like articles, news, stories, videos, forums, cruise/playstation 3 giveaways, member classifies, product discounts, weekly newsletter and more.
    Membership for each site will be less than $2.50 per month.
    Our first site (which will be posted on nation once complete) has an potential avid audience of 35 million.
    Our second site (which will be posted on nation once complete) has a great potential audiance of 85 million. 
    Thanks again for your advice and we will put it to use. 
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