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How to Assess and Begin Work on an Idea?

justryingtohelpjustryingtohelp subscriber Posts: 2
edited July 2008 in Business Planning
I have an idea that I`d like to attempt.  This is a service for solo and small office attys. and providing them access to freelance service providers for their administrative and marketing and legal office needs. 
I do come from a legal background and do have accesss to the freelancers.  I`d have to market it to the attys though and plan on running it like a membership site where attys could post jobs for free.  There would be a place were service providers could have profiles and be rated. 
I`m thinking revenue would come from attys paying to have access to freelances 24/7 without having to pay an expensive fee to run an ad, weed through the resumes, hire an actual employee, etc.  Plus, the service providers would agree to provide a discount to the member attorneys.  (Still working on this).
Marketing, thinking articles, blog commenting, forum commenting, and affiliate program.
So any input on fleshing this idea out and where to start?  I`d need help setting up a nice, clean working starting site too as anything beyond wordpress is beyond me
Thank you.
justryingtohelp7/25/2008 11:51 AM


  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I start fleshing out the idea by expanding on the business model concept - to the extent that you see it is feasible.
  • justryingtohelpjustryingtohelp subscriber Posts: 2
    Okay, I guess I need more direction as I`m not sure what you mean by "business model concept."  Is the concept what I want to do, how I expect to make money, something else? 
    Thank you.
  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    By business model - I mean how this business will make money.
    I usually advise my clients to begin by defining "what problem your business will solve" -then determine how much people will pay you for that solution.
    This will enable you to prepare some basic projections.
    Send me a PM if you want more specifics.
  • justryingtohelpjustryingtohelp subscriber Posts: 2
    Yes, Craig, there are so many people, as you said looking for this type of work - and as I`ve been a wahm (work at home mom) and legal professional I have access to the would be freelancers. 
    I would like to have a rating or feedback system so if they were not provide quality work - I`d simply kick them out - that`s why I`d prefer the attorney pay model vs. freelancers pay, which I normally see.
    I think before I allow them to sign up I`d screen their references (I am a licensed PI too) maybe that could be part of the appeal of  my site too that not just anybody can sign up as a freelancer?  Good thought.
    I don`t think my big problem will be getting freelancers (I currently have access to many, many) I think my problem will be getting attorneys. 
    The fact that you see something here gives me some encouragement
    Now, I need to scare me up some tech skills so I can put this idea to the test.
  • justryingtohelpjustryingtohelp subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for clarifying.  The problem I`d like to solve is getting solo attorneys (and perhaps very small office attorneys) the help they need to both grow and run their practice without having to pay to run an ad, screen the results, then actually hire an employee - which they don`t really always need or want do do.  Instead, for a small membership fee they can have access to a qualified stable of freelancers who can assist them on a per project or on going basis.  The atty wins as they don`t have to pay for an ad and they are working with a freelancer vs. employee.  They could come to the forum at 8PM and post they need something transcribed and probably get it done that night, for an example. 
    Also they win because the service providers provide member attorneys a small discount.  The freelancers win because they are not paying just to be members.  Membership is free to qualified freelancers, they only provide a small discount on work they actually bill for. 
  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    What percentage of solo (and two attorney) practices - have this problem?
    How are they dealing with it today?
    What do you estimate it costs them using this approach?
  • justryingtohelpjustryingtohelp subscriber Posts: 2
    Yes, that is why this is a niche service and I have a legal background. 
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