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Building/Running a website on a Mac?

TejasTejas subscriber Posts: 2
I`ve been investigating putting up a website, and there are lots of nifty tools out there to help you do it. Wordpress and Wordpress themes look like a very attractive way to approach a simple news/blog type of website.My question is, which of these tools work in a Macintosh environment, and do any of you have experience putting up a website and running it from a Mac? I`ve read that iWeb is not ready for primetime if you plan to build a site outside the .Mac environment. Thanks for any advice.


  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    If you are going to use Word-press to build your web site, I`m assuming that you will be hosting it on a web server, unless you have your own server at home. Since you`re going to be using word-press and WordPress is installed on the web server since you need a database and php. You don`t have to worry about whether you can run it on a mac or PC since you will be working via the web browser instead of your local machine.
    Now if you were a developer / Designer, then you would need different tools such as Dreamweaver CS3 for MAC, and a Local Host in oder for you to develop on a Mac.
    I hope this helps and that it was clear enough.
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