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Concept and usability of www.intermz.com

tedATintermztedATintermz subscriber Posts: 7
edited May 2008 in Website Critique
Hello SUNers!
This is my first website critique request on SUN. I`ve had my site up for about 6 months, but have been unable to get it off the ground. I need serious help figuring out why.www.intermz.com
Intermz.com is a free online reference for learning anything, fast. It allows you to look up topics of interest in terms of knowledge you might already have so that you can cut the overlap and integrate any new information quickly. I`ve used this concept to learn (and teach others) to great effect and wanted to share the method with everyone using a smooth interface. I hope to receive some marginal income from text ads that are based on the topics of peoples` interest, but that is a secondary concern at the moment.
My primary goal is to attract users who will contribute content, which will, in turn, attract users to reference the content (and perhaps click on ads). This concent is created and maintained by users based on a Wikipedia model. I have tried a press release, linking on Facebook, and maintaining communication with a small (50ish) mailing list, but to little avail.
Initial feedback from friends/family/colleagues on the concept and execution has been very positive but users have not committed to submiting content.
I spent three months coding and designing the site from scratch myself. I designed it to illustrate the idea of overlaying one topic of interest over another to reveal the cross-section of the two. This idea is conveyed by the concept of "gelz" (see site for example).
I would love your feedback on the concept, the concept`s execution, and how I might be able to attract more users to the site and encourage them to contribute.
Thank you very much!
I will be responding to others` website critique requests shortly!tedATintermz5/14/2008 11:13 PM


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