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What`s wrong with my website?

theguynytheguyny subscriber Posts: 2
edited April 2009 in Website Critique
I am getting about 5-10 clicks a day on my website for computer repair.  Yet I am only getting 1 or 2 leads a month.  Should I change my home page up to say something else besides a welcome to our site message?
any input on my website would be much appreciated.I don`t list any prices on my site, but on my ads it says we will beat the competition. Is this a mistake?Thanks in advance allwww.LIComputerWorks.com


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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    I agree with Imortal. Nothing on your home page gives me any idea what you actually do or offer me; it`s a general message that could almost apply to any website. What is the core service or product you offer? That is what you need to state on your home page.
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    theguynytheguyny subscriber Posts: 2
    How about if my main page said this
    comments are welcome on this as wellthanks for the quick repliesLIComputerWorks
    is dedicated to quality service.  We provide Long Island with general computer repair, software and hardware upgrades, we can speed up
    your computer, virus removal, pop-up removal, maintenance, networks wired and
    wireless, custom built computers and more. Based in
    Nassau County, Long Island NY gives you a team of IT professionals offering a
    broad range of computer-related services to an even broader range of clients from
    small or large office environments, to house calls, if you find yourself in
    need of technology help we will find a way to serve your needs.  With over
    8 years of computer software & hardware experience, we can help you solve
    all your computer problems.  One call will save you hours of worrying
    about your computer needs. Let us do all your computer maintenance service and see
    how well your computers perform throughout the years!This is accomplished
    by delivering the highest quality computers, computer equipment and technical
    expertise at the most competitive prices to the end user. Our job is to make
    sure you make the right choice when it comes to your computer investments. What you
    can expect: Expert on-site computer maintenance and support for Long Island. We
    officer computer network installation and support, network security, technical
    support, internet solutions, computer hardware maintenance, and more. Complete
    computer repair, virus removal and system tune-ups, repairs, upgrades and
    advanced planning for your growth.  Serving Long
    Island since 2004, LIComputerWorks is dedicated to serving all your IT needs. 
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Fundamentally, your web site`s flash design is the root of some of your problems.
    As noted above, there is only a small area on each web page where viewers can read your content but they have to scroll down to read it all. You should try to avoid scrolling, especially if it hides your marketing message.
    Your site does not have a consistent menu / navigation. The home page has a menu, but when I go to another page my only option is to go back to the "home" page.  One way to fix this is to add a text based menu at the bottom of each web page. (That will also help search results).
    Your content (text) is overwhelmed by the flash graphics... making your text seem to be faded.
    What you do - that is, what you can do for me (how I benefit from using you) is important information that should be right in front of the viewer when they reach your web site.
    I would suggest scrapping the flash design in favor of an html site. The flash animation really does nothing to say or demonstrate what you do.
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    pictureyourdreamspictureyourdreams subscriber Posts: 1
    As a female who knows nothing about fixing computers and `geeky` stuff like that
    I quite liked the flashy images .
    The frequently asked questions could be laid out better ie:- have the numbers at the beginning of the paragraph not in the middle. OR have a list then click on the question to get the answer.
    It would also be nice to navigate to all pages from all pages.
    Good Luck!
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    weelpweelp subscriber Posts: 0
    you need to reword your "about us" page. The first sentence needs to say what it is you do and it should be attention grabbing. Yours isn`t. To be honest, I only wanted to read the first half of the paragraph because I was bored beyond belief.
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    jumbopandajumbopanda subscriber Posts: 0
    I feel the same as the rest of the forum.  The flash is overwhelming because the content does not flow with it.  It looks like you got a flash template and just added some text.  You have a matter of second in which you need to engage the viewer and get them to want to stay on your site, let alone contact you in request of your services.  The site does not give me the feeling that you are handy with a motherboard.  Give us a site that tells us who you are and what you can do for me.  If you can do that, you will bring more customers your way.
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    theguynytheguyny subscriber Posts: 2
    just by changing the home page to have our basic services has helped a ton.
    We`ve had 5 calls since I changed it.I  appreciate everyones honesty and help here.It is a gimicky flash site, I need to learn how to make a decent looking site.I just borrowed a copy of dream weaver but know nothing about html.  Can anyone recommend a good place to start learning?How long would it take to learn enough to make a decent looking site?Thanks again alledit-Should I stay away from flash sites for now?I was looking at templatemoster . c o m and saw a couple nice ones thereat least until I can make a decent site on my own.theguyny4/5/2009 7:19 PM
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    ArcherTCArcherTC subscriber Posts: 1

    edit-Should I stay away from flash sites for now?I was looking at templatemoster . c o m and saw a couple nice ones thereat least until I can make a decent site on my own.

    First, congratulations on reaching out here to get feedback. As harsh as it can be -- and, whew! some people don`t pull their puches! -- it is good to get.
    For the size of your business and the kind of customers you`re trying to attract, a simple site, no flash, "warmer" (with local pictures, perhaps?), with more straight-forward text, and easy access to your contact information should improve your results dramatically.  Notably, your site is also missing the meta information that would make it easier for Google and Yahoo local search.  While you could do it yourself, don`t you want the site to be its best, working for YOU rather than being the focus of your valuable time?
    I write marketing copy and work with site designers on small business projects, personal blogs and nonprofit advocacy sites.  Let me know if you would like a quote on a site redesign. That can include the development of anything you select via templatemonster.
    Tammi L Coles
    Archer Targeted Communication
    Twitter @archertcArcherTC4/7/2009 6:03 AM
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    teacherspet79teacherspet79 subscriber Posts: 0
    I do like the flashy thing, but you have to remember, if someone who has a slow computer is trying to reach you for support, they will get fed up with having to go back to the home page every time. Perhaps a little rearranging is in order, and get rid of the scrolling. It`s annoying. teacherspet794/7/2009 12:29 PM
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    terrycanterrycan subscriber Posts: 1
    Dear thguyny
    To the appearance of your website is good. The music is pleasant.
    Remember the web is world wide. I believe your business is local.
    Are you listed in the local yellow pages? A yellow pages listing will get you on a registry and rank higher on search engines.
    If you google "computer repair long island" does your site appear in the 1st page?
    Writing content with the right "keywords" would help your site rank higher.
    Your phone numbers are way to small. A map showing your location would be an improvement. When I get service it must have a good location.
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