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Ready to sell

TADAMYTADAMY subscriber Posts: 1
I have a consumer product that is ready for production and sale. I would like to get it out to the public but don`t know where to start. I do not have a trademark or patent. Is it safe for me to start selling without these? Please help


  • TADAMYTADAMY subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the response Tiger. What I have is a working prototype that is ready for production. I am in the US. My problem is that I have never done anything like this and just need some trustworthy guidance. I`ve had people tell me I don`t need a patent just a trademark. Then others have told me the opposite. I`ve even had people tell me I don`t need either. Some were attornies. So that`s my issue. I emailed certain people that I have read about here on sun and other sites and have yet to get a response. It makes you feel a little uncomfortable about some of these sites. You just don`t know who you`re dealing with. 
  • SalemHSalemH subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi TADAMY,
    Like the above poster, you need to probably do more research as well as "grunt" work such as contacting manufacturers and distributors.  With the working prototypes, you may find some success in attending relevant trade shows.
    Realize that inventing is just like  running a business. It takes time, research and due diligence.
    Please check out the below resources, and hopefully that gets you going in the right direction.
    http://bart.tcc.virginia.edu/InventionA ... poHome.htm
  • TADAMYTADAMY subscriber Posts: 1
    Well I have to say, I appreciate your advice and help with all this. As far as expenses go, I am in a position where I can take this all on my own. So that`s a good thing. The cost of what it is going to take does`nt bother me and the hard work of research I know is what`s expected. I got on here for some sort of direction and you guy`s have given it to me. I will keep you in mind for future ventures and pass on the good word of the direction you have enlisted. I have been very cautious to disclose any of this project to anyone. That`s probably why I haven`t gotten that far with it yet. I will consult with an attorny and move forward with this. Thanks again for your responses. Good thing`s do happen to those who wait! I`ve waited five years. Thanks agaim guy`s.
  • GetAGripGetAGrip subscriber Posts: 14
    I`d say that the most trustworthy help you will get, could come right from this forum.  There are many, many people on here that have done just what you are doing now, such as myself or Tiger Taco.  Your in the right place, start with looking into a provisional patent!!  Thanks...T
  • TADAMYTADAMY subscriber Posts: 1
    Have any of you ever worked with Legalzoom and is that an avenue for me as far as a provisional patent goes.
  • GetAGripGetAGrip subscriber Posts: 14
    I ahven`t ever worked with them, I went the traditional way and got a patent attorney...T
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