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hey all, I have been reading post on this site/forum for about a year now and figured its finally time for me to sign up.
I`m 24 going to night school full time and tried starting my own computer business with little success.  My buss. partner and myself decided to get a website and advertise on google via a ppc management company. We are paying $60 a month for unlimited clicks with one keyword.  Soon after signing up a one year contract with this company I started doing lots of research on ppc advertising.  I have learned a great deal about it and have been using ppc for some time now with other keywords.
I have been thinking that why can`t I do the exact same thing that this ppc company is doing.  Is there any reason I don`t set up a somewhat basic website that tells about my company putting people on the first page of google with unlimited clicks for a monthly fee?  I figure once I have that site set up and get an account with paypal or someone else who offers recurring billing.  Could I just call up local businesses and offer to put them on the first page of google for a monthly fee?
example - I call up some bbq place in pelham, alabama and say - if someone typed in best bbq in pelham alabama wouldn`t you like to be on the top of the first page of google? I would research the monthly traffic for the specific keywords and set a price based on that.
It seems like there would be very little overhead, which is a good thing for myself at this moment.
on a side note- my computer repair company is number 1-5 on google for about 40 keywords and we only seem to get 1 or 2 real leads a month from it.  Maybe we should try some other type of advertising? Maybe send out flyers to local businesses? any ideas or opinions on anything I have typed here would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading and this site is great!theguyny3/23/2009 3:38 PM


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    I`m a bit confused. Are you paying $60 a month for each keyword for unlimited clicks? Have you considered paying on a per-click basis and utilize more than one keyword? You`d probably get a wider exposure for less money this way.
    I can see how the overhead would seem low for your first idea, but I`d imagine that customers would want to appear at the top of google for more terms than just one keyword.
  • theguynytheguyny subscriber Posts: 2
    Im paying $60 a month for one keyword
    computer repairs long islandWe got locked into a 1 year contract for that keyword.At the time both of us didn`t know anything about ppc advertising so we thought this was a great deal.Right now we are using about 40-50 keywords for my comp repair company(these are the ones I set up)If the customers wanted to be on the top of google for more then one keyword they would simply just pay more monthly fees.
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    $60 per each keyword awfully expensive, being that there are tons of keyword variations. I have doubts that customers would be willing to pay $60 each month for ranking for just one keyword.
    If you are interested in PPC, why not learn all the ins and outs of it, then open up a PPC outsourcing service, where businesses can outsource their PPC campaigns to you?
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