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Using Fiverr for SEO

SusanSmithSusanSmith subscriber Posts: 18 Bronze Level Member
Before I get into this I have no packages on Fiverr I know when I first got into SEO, one huge barrier was how expensive buying backlinks could be. A product like social bookmarking demon costs around 90 dollars and if you through a service it can cost you around 60 bucks for a good amount of links. I really wish someone had came to me and pointed out fiverr (just google Fiverr SEO and you will get there. Basically there are a ton of people offering a ton of quality backlink packages for 5 bucks. This is amazing if you are trying to test out how effective certain links are or if you simply do not have time to do SEO that day. However, there are also a bunch of people on their that have very spammy packages. So if you are just getting into SEO here a few ways to to take advantage of fiverr and actually get your 5 dollars worth. Tip 1 Use the search function and then order by rating Pretty simple. When you go into fiverr simply type SEO in their search menu. HOWEVER, do not go with the first package you see. Order the package by rating Poor packages get filtered out very quickly if you do this Tip 2 Read the reviews Every product worth its salt should have a mountain of reviews. It is pretty simple after this, if there are very few complaints you know that it will be a quality purchase. Some other quality signs are a seller that: -Gives a report (aka proof of links) after the job is done -Has a fast delivery time -Has a profession fiverr page and CLEAR instructions Tip 3 Do not use the same package over and over The best thing about fiverr is you can get a TON of different links sources while spending very little This means the last thing you want to do is constantly keep sending your site the same backlinks over and over. I personally purchase a different type of fiverr package every week for my sites (EDU links, social bookmarking links, article links, forums etc) This is an amazing way to really to get a variety of links to your site with very little work =D. And one extra tip Do not buy a 10 fiverrs packages in one week for a site. If your site is brand new do not buy more than 1 month. Google will pick up on a new site suddenly being sent 20,000k backlinks in a month Sooo...voila. Just a quick little guide for fiverr. I hope this helps people out who have never used this site (there is a lot of other ways to use fiverr, however I just focused on SEO for this post)


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