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where to get help with new idea

shansenshansen subscriber Posts: 1
I have a fantastic new idea for a program for my space and i have no idea where to start or where to look for someone that might be interested in creating this progam and maybe even splitting the costs and proffits for this idea, I am fairly new to the internet and although i did build my own website (still working on that) I seem to have problems with understanding half of the things going on online. you might say when that published all of those for dummys books they were thinking of me.


  • shansenshansen subscriber Posts: 1
    Wow, what a response, you know ive never looked at it like that and alls i can say is wow. ok, lets see for my next question, your good.  lets say this idea for a program is something i myself , as a mom sure could use on my daughters computer wether i am at home or not, and i have not seen a program for this anywhere on line or else where, and lets say i would prefer to give this idea to someone with the knowledge and funds to create this program and split the proffits another words talk to some one who might be interested in this idea and just take full control of the technical issues , sort of like a silent partner.
  • shansenshansen subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you very much for your input and i have just one more question, are you some kind of a dr, your pretty good and funny too, i got it and thanks again for your help.
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