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No Money, No Time. How Can a Mommapreneur have fun?

SadiedeySadiedey subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2009 in Thought Leadership

If you
are not hit by this recession than you do not have a pulse. Or you
saved hundreds of children and nuns in a past life and are being very
well rewarded. The rest of us though, need to figure out ways to
still have fun when even we can`t even afford to "add fries to
I am so sick and tired of these lifestyle
magazines providing cost saving ways to manage your stress and have
more fun. What kind of budget are they on? What kind of drugs are
they on? When they recommend a spa weekend getaway I know that the
recession has moved them from uber- wealthy to still pretty darn
wealthy. These editors are not speaking to me-"clinging to
middle class with bloody fingernails"...wanna see my cheap
thrills visit  http://tinyurl.com/nomoneynotime


  • banzaibertbanzaibert subscriber Posts: 0
    My wife works as a nurse and managed a clothing business at the same time but she spends once, sometimes twice a week doing what she wants and have fun. Either she watches a movie, have a massage, have a facial, buy herself a book, spends time with her friends and etc. She doesn`t do all these at the same time, that`s why it does not cost her that much. I don`t think you need a magazine to guide you on how to cope with stress.
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