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Do you see what I see?

storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
edited August 2007 in Marketing
Hello all,
I am just about to start marketing my product to stores and I am struggling with who to market it to (small boutiques vs. chains and larger stores). This obviously has  alot to do with how others perceive my product.
Since I am currently the only one involved in all aspects of my product (product design, graphics, packaging, ect.) I`m finding it difficult to see my product and brand from the customer`s perspective. I do have a vision of how and where it should be marketed, but would love to hear your thoughts to see if they match up. That way I think I`ll have a better indication that I`m heading in the right direction!
So, here are a few questions. If you have a minute, please take a look at the link below. I really do value any and all feedback! Here is the link to my product information:
1.) If you were to go out and try to purchase one of my kits for a child, without knowing where it was sold - where would you look first?
2.) I`d love to hear your thoughts on pricing - what would you expect to pay for it? Each of my kits include enough materials to create at about 20 different projects (but they do not include the item to be decorated):
6 (2 oz) bottles of fabric paint - (Standard amount for craft paints that are sold retail)
1 bottle permanent fabric  glue
2 small containers of glitter
14 sheets of peel and stick stencils
2 paint brushes (small & large)
3.) What are your thoughts/suggestions about my logo and brand? Could it be more effective in some way?
Ok...that`s all for now. Thank you in advance for your time!! I really value all the feedback I receive from my fellow SUNers  


  • LisaLLisaL subscriber Posts: 0
    1) I`d look at boutique stores.2) $203) Let me start by saying that I love the style of the packaging. However, it doesn`t really tell me what this creativity kit is. I, too, expected this package to include a book of some sort. Is the logo your company logo? Maybe you should consider a separate logo for each product. Lisa
  • NetmomNetmom subscriber Posts: 5
    Okay, really, something like "Your child will have hours of fun with our creativity kits, awakening her senses and sparking her imagination." Or whatever ... I need some caffeine!
    Even operating on fumes Nikole is a genius...
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Here`s an idea that might help make the coorelation between Storybook and my kits. I had thought of it a while back and I foget why I didn`t do it. 
    The idea was to include a small, fill-in-the-blanks type booklet with each kit. The booklet would be a simple book that related to each them. For example, my first kit is `Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party`. Sample sentences could be "My birthday is ___________. " "I had a great time opening my presents. My favorite gift was _____________."
    This might be fun for a child to fill out, but also a nice keepsake for the parents?
    Also, I was thinking that this book would be a great way to use the stickers in the kit.
    Any thoughts?
  • bookloverbooklover subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    I love that idea!  It`s like a starter journal.
  • JeannieJeannie subscriber Posts: 8
    Hi Melissa,
    Here`s my opinion...
    1.) If you were to go out and try to purchase one of my kits for a child, without knowing where it was sold - where would you look first?
    Michaels or Target
    2.) I`d love to hear your thoughts on pricing - what would you expect to pay for it? Each of my kits include enough materials to create at about 20 different projects (but they do not include the item to be decorated):
    6 (2 oz) bottles of fabric paint - (Standard amount for craft paints that are sold retail)
    1 bottle permanent fabric  glue
    2 small containers of glitter
    14 sheets of peel and stick stencils
    2 paint brushes (small & large)
    About $15.00 if it were at Michaels. But if it were at a specialty store, about $25.00.
    3.) What are your thoughts/suggestions about my logo and brand? Could it be more effective in some way?
    Well, when I mentioned to my husband that I saw you on Donny`s show the other day, he asked what your product was again.  I told him that you sold the product called StoryBook Studio. But he didn`t recall.  But then, I said, "You know, the one with the nice design for the "ART KIT" for children" - Then he remembered because we voted for you for the best SuN market place design a few months ago. So, maybe the name, StoryBook Studio will confuse people. At first, I also thought your product had to do with books too. 
    When I see the name, "StoryBook Studios" - I thought it was a place for people to gather and actually create books. (By publishing their stories and making a nice hard cover book).  You know what I mean? - Actually similar to Build a Bear Workshop.
    Hope my little feedback helps.
     Jeannie2007-7-30 17:30:21
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Thank nghnikole and booklover.
    I was thinking it would be cute to collect all of the little booklets too. And you could attach them to scrapbook pages too. I am working on a scrapbooking kit for children also - but I think it would be a cute addition to any scrapbook page.
    Thank you all so much for the feedback and suggestions. All of your responses will help to make my products so much better.
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Thank you Jeannie!
    Do you think that including the booklet that I`ve described (see page 1 of this post) will help customers make the connection to Storybook? The child can tell their own story of an event having to do with the kit`s theme. Get what I mean?
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Actually, Storybook Studio is the name of my company - not the product. My product is currently called a "Fabric Creativity Kit".
    I am hoping that the addition of the little booklet along with a new tagline will help the brand `Storybook Studio` fit the products more appropriately.
    Storybook Studio - "Art That Tells a Tale" or something like that.
    Then the name of the product is:
    Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party
        Fabric Creativity Kit
    With each product I will include a little booklet with a fill-in the blanks  `story` for each child to record their special memories of that holiday or occassion.
    Sound ok?
    I`d love to hear tagline suggestions too...if you guys aren`t sick of me yet
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Just wanted to thank all of you for your extremely helpful feedback. After considering all the great suggestions I received, I`ve decided to add a plain white tote and a `My Story` booklet where each child can fill in the blanks and record their own memories.
    They booklet really is turning out to be a great idea because they can also add the stickers to the pages in the book. For example The `Sweet Shop Birthday Party` booklet will have an image of the cupcake on one of the pages, and the child can add the appropriate number of candles to it, to show how old they are.
    Anyway...thanks again! I`m always sure to get helpful advice here!
  • JeannieJeannie subscriber Posts: 8
    Yes! The idea of a booklet is great! And as you said, they now have a place to add the stickers into it! That`s wonderful! Glad the feedback worked out for you!
    I wish you the best!
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Mary Kay - Yes! I totally thought of Mad Libs too. There will be a blank area in the back of the book, where they can `Ad Lib` too.. ha ha. You`re right, I`d have to look into the copyright issues of comparing my books to Mad Libs. I`m thinking that might not fly.
    Jeannie - Glad you like it too! I think adding those two items will just add a lot of value and make it a more well-rounded kit.
    Craig - Well dag-nabbit...you totally hit on a product that is already in the works ;0) - I am planning to launch scrapbook kits for kids too. Also, the scrapbook covers will be canvas so they can be decorated with the items in the fabric creativity kit...oh gosh, I`m just too clever for my own good.
    Seriously though, thank you for sharing your story of your travels with your family. Sounds like your mother was way ahead of her time with scrapbooking! Now that I think of it, some of the  inspiration for these activity kits were probably from my own childhood. Now, we didn`t travel from Europe or cross country - just from NJ to Florida with my grandparents. But I always had various arts/crafts projects to work on in the car. I remember one time, I left my crayons in the back seat of my grandfather`s Oldsmobile. All day. In the hot sun. On cloth seats. He was not pleased!
    Anyway, I`d like to think that some parents still do projects like that with their kids. My hope is that my kits will inspire creativity, but also encourage families to work on projects together. And I do hope that the booklets become keepsakes.
    My kids have had access to just about every craft item imaginable, and they`ve been gluing, painting, coloring and writing since they were very small. Ya know, they have a ridiculous amount of toys that they hardly ever play with. It seems like they would much rather make something, than play with a toy that breaks 5 seconds after you get it home from the store. It`s sad to think how much money we`ve wasted on these kinds of toys, when honestly...my kids usually had more fun playing with the the box it came in!
    I`m not saying all toys are a waste - some are fantastic and educational!  I`ve just seen far too many cheaply made, mindless, pointless, useless toys in my garbage can.
     storybookstudio2007-8-4 17:52:23
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    So I am definately going to include the tote in the kit...but as far as the little booklet goes, I was thinking of including a link in the kit for moms to go online, print and cut the books at home. I could upload them as pdfs, and moms could print front and back, and then cut on the lines to make the book.
    I was hoping that by making my website interactive, and providing some printable projects (and project ideas) it would make customers visit my website more frequently. I think this is called `stickyness` in web talk?
    I`m just wondering if people would actually go to the website to print the booklet? Or, do you think I should just include the printed version in the kit?
    Thanks in advance for your input!
  • JeannieJeannie subscriber Posts: 8
    Hey Melissa,
    As a customer, the thought of having to go online to print it up is an extra step for me. So for me, I`d like it to be included in the kit.  But that`s just me. 
     Jeannie2007-8-10 20:17:10
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Thanks Jeannie! Your opinion is always important to me, as you have been through the production phase - and you`re a Jersey girl  We really should do lunch one day.
    I`m guessing that the majority will want it in the kit. It`s not the main product - just a little booklet I decided to add as a bonus. I guess I`ll wait and see how others weigh in on this.
    I`m really on the fence about it. It seems like such an insignificant thing to even post about - but I`m in production now...waiting for pre-production samples. I only have one more shot after that to perfect it before running off all 2000 kits. Yikes. I just gave myself an anxiety attack.
  • JeannieJeannie subscriber Posts: 8
    Oh no problem Melissa! I`m always glad to help in anyway I can. I know, I`m always grateful for anyone helping me out too! 
    You must be so excited to almost get over the production phase.  In my experience, I know I messed up on my first run shpt.  The sizes I ordered initially wasn`t big enough.  Oh well. it was a costly mistake, but I can`t dwell on it.  Just gotta move forward. Hey, I had no experience what-so-ever on being an inventor..so..I learned the hard way.  But it`s okay. You learn from your mistakes. At least I have it in all the right sizes now.  
    Funny you say I`m a Jersey girl. I`m not use to that.  I was actually born and raised in Queens, NY.  But just moved into NJ 3 years ago.  So..yeah..I guess I`m a Jersey girl now.   
    I can`t speak for others about the booklet, but really, who doesn`t like a bonus inside a kit? That`s why most of the infomercials always include a bonus gift. Right?
    Melissa, you don`t need to get an anxiety attack.  The way I see it, is either you include it or you don`t.  If it`s costly to produce, and it`s off your budget, then don`t get it.  But if it`s not that much more, then include it. 
    I was getting full of stress off my product back then too.  I wanted the name, SmudgeGuard, to be silkscreened onto my glove (So that people will see the name).  But later, after several tests, I found that the silk screen letters came off after just one wash.  The font size was too small and it didn`t adhere to the nylon/spandex material.  So....I just said "Forget it".  Especially, I had lefties and righties using it, I had to silkscreen both sides of the glove!  I didn`t want the letters coming off - making it look cheap! Also, I didn`t want to pay for silkscreening if it ended up coming off in just one wash. What a waste that would`ve been!  So, in the end, I didn`t include the name of my product on the glove.  Right now, it`s not relevant. So I actually stressed for nothing.
    So I hope I helped ease your anxiety.
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