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Where does one find partners?

skbohlerskbohler subscriber Posts: 11
Hi everyone,
I run an online career counseling program called The Oxford Program (http://www.TheOxfordProgram.com</A>).
It`s big business, if you consider every person that wants a better job/career to be a potential customer.
One of the things I`ve realized is that the business is greatly limited if I continue to try and wear all the hats. The business is still under-performing (under the radar) because I am not qualified to do copywriting, business development, PR, marketing, etc.
Problem is, I can`t afford to hire a person to do these things for me. I`ve always felt that, if the right person comes along with the know-how, contacts, etc., the business could take off. I can`t pay the person a salary to start, but, assuming success, there`s revenue to share.
Other than networking, is there a place where potential partners "advertise" their availability for certain ventures?
Thanks in advance,


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    skbohlerskbohler subscriber Posts: 11
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    skbohlerskbohler subscriber Posts: 11
    Hi Michael:
    I think, yes, part of my partner search involves someone I can brainstorm with about strategy.
    Thanks for your reply!
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    AdvisorGarageAdvisorGarage subscriber Posts: 10
    A few thoughts - 1)  I`ve found that many of these services can be handled very inexpensively through elance.com.  Obviously that doesn`t solve the problem long term but might help in the short term.2)  You may find an entrepreneur who has this background within http://www.AdvisorGarage.com</A> - it has a number of entrepreneurs looking to work on something.3)  Although I don`t use them, there`s also a site called the Go Big network where you may also be able to find someone.4)  If you haven`t already - linkedin could help too by leveraging your existing contacts.
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    skbohlerskbohler subscriber Posts: 11
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    NYC696NYC696 subscriber Posts: 0
    Steve, I agree - nice website!

    After having explored it a bit, it seems to me you have a natural pool of potential partners in your client list! (Or perhaps you`re thinking you need someone who is already doing the kinds of things you think need done? Don`t let your clients find out...)

    Some of the things you mentioned (copy writing, PR, marketing) are pretty easy to farm out if you`re able to give clearly specifified requirements. But I suspect Zman`s point is right on- you`re really hungry to partner with someone who can help you craft and refine strategies for growing towards your vision ... and the strategies are what will drive the requirements for copywriting, etc.

    If true, I still think you have a potentially rich pool in your own client base, but the community here at SUN is certainly a rich pool and is highly accessible. (To know us is to love us.) Browse, post, answer, ask, engage. Ultimately, invite.


    PS - "While wearing my suit, carrying my briefcase and commuting with the masses into New York City one day, it became apparent to me that life as I knew and enjoyed it was completely gone." could have been lifted from my diary.
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    skbohlerskbohler subscriber Posts: 11
    Thanks for the compliment on the site, Steven.
    My fear is that the "architecture" of the information is overly-complex and people leave the site before digging in too much.
    I have gotten some assistance from past clients. Some, in the form of copywriting. But, they didn`t have what it takes to make a real change to it.
    Some would love to be a partner in the Oxford Program, but they can`t really bring anything to the table, other than their passion for the overall mission of the Oxford Program.
    Do partnerships common develop here at SUN?
    Thanks again,
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    BusinessMentorsBusinessMentors subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello Steve,
    have you ever thought of utilizing students majoring in marketing or business to assist you with your company on an internship or volunteer basis to help them
    1) build their business portfolio
    2) Use your company as a class project
    3) Get their own business off the ground by having you as their first client.
    They should be relatively inexpensive, but have new and innovative ideas to share or you could probably get a few to assist you for free if it helps them to further develop their skills, knowledge and expertise by actually putting into practice what they have learned in the classroom environment.
    Just a suggestion but like someone already mentioned, your clients might also be the best place to start maybe in exchange for your coaching services, then you have a win win situation.
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    rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    Hi Steve
    Steve  you have a great program and web site. Steve finding business partners online is more difficult that one would expect. I have been trying for 5 years.
    Steve I have even thought of starting a specific community just for people seeking business partners. But like you I fear I would not have time to fully develop a program or web site.
    I do have matching software I developed for singles people which can match careers etc.
    Steve you may like to, provide you can find the right partners develop a community to supply you with clients. Or just advertise in any likely community.
    See communities reviewed at http://www.networking.love-au.com/</A>
    Steve many of these communities are using a software program called phpfox. You can see a link at above url.
    Steve another option may be to develop an online affiliate program.
    Steve hope this helps.
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