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Anyone using Google Checkout?

BarbRBarbR subscriber Posts: 5
edited February 2007 in Sales
I just saw an article that mentioned how Google Checkout was giving away $10 for each new transaction during the holidays to "test" the service?  Anyone tried it?  Is it good?  Is it any different than Paypal?  Seems as though that is who they are going after with this service.  I think they are sort of late to jump on board. 


  • efoozleefoozle subscriber Posts: 2
    I am not using it yet but I am getting ready to start. They are giving out all kinds of free transactions and incentives right now. Plus, I am so tired of Paypal that I will gladly support someone who could be a real competitor. The online payment market is in dire need of some good competition which I believe does not currently exist. 
  • BarbRBarbR subscriber Posts: 5
    I personally haven`t used Paypal enough to know if I like it or don`t.  I`m sure in a small business that relies on that type of service, it would be critical to have something that works right!  My husband is exploring some of Paypal`s advanced transaction options for his business, but he is still undecided on using them.
  • efoozleefoozle subscriber Posts: 2
    I have to hand it to Paypal. They have a good system which is widely used and works well. But if something goes wrong with a payment and you have to deal with support, etc... then it will become a nightmare. If he wants to test their support tell him to send them a support email and see if he ever gets a human response back. If he does then he will have done better than I.
  • PokermanPokerman subscriber Posts: 5
    I`ve never had an issue with Paypal... works well and I always get my money.  I have not had to use their "support" as of yet and I`ve been using paypal for as long as I can remember.  I have no experience with Google and am reluctant to change something that works.
  • BarbRBarbR subscriber Posts: 5
    You know, it sounds like it has it`s pros and cons.  Free is always nice, though! even if it is through Dec 2007.  If Google can ultimately make a better system than Paypal, and provide better customer support, then they may just have another goldmine on their hands.  Does Google ever stop?  I am a user of gmail for my personal e-mail, and I love it.  However, I have never been able to set it up with my Microsoft Outlook.  I think there are glitches with that when I have looked into it and read some of the forum posts right at Google about that issue.  Anyway, I am excited to try Google Checkout at some point. 
  • bertbert subscriber Posts: 12
    There is no question that the new Google Checkout has value and the deal they are offering right now are hard to pass up.  That is, as long as it fits ones business model.  My experience with their support has been very good to date even though it is totally through email.  To be a new product, its flaws are very minor compared to many first time releases.  The most impressive thing I have seen from their support people is the fact that they agreed with my shipping address issue, thank me for my input, and stated that it was new product and they were going to make it better.  Very impressive!  Many support organizations these days will tell you a problem like this is unique to you and for you to go away.  In short, I think they will have the cons worked out in very short order and this will become a very heavily used product in the future...
  • bertbert subscriber Posts: 12
    Just 24 hours after I posted my last comments about Google Chechout, they changed their shipping information screen to include a phone number and added an extra address line for things like a company name.  They do listen.  As I said they really seem to have their act together.
  • Jason5yuanJason5yuan subscriber Posts: 3
    we have added Google Checkout for www.GalleriaPangea.com as an additional option to Paypal and credit card payment.  Existing Google checkout users can skip register with every website they want to buy something from, they just need to remember their Google Checkout account.  I havent got any sales through Google yet, but I think in time, it will be very useful. 
  • BarbRBarbR subscriber Posts: 5
    This is great feedback about Checkout, and it`s really nice to hear that they listen and make recommended (and necessary!) changes to their product. 
  • ctrebendisctrebendis subscriber Posts: 1
    I have used PayPal a few times when purchasing items.  A couple of months ago I received an email from "PayPal" telling me that different computers have logged into my PayPal account and multiple password failures were present before the login. They wanted me to go to a security page and confirm my account info (including my social security number and drivers license number) or my PayPal account will be suspended. The best part was that it told me "Please do not reply to this e-mail as this is only a notification. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered."I immediately contacted PayPal by phone and they told me that they did not send that email and never respond to emails asking for any of the following:1) Your password and email combination2) Credit card numbers3) Bank account numbers4) Social Security numbers5) Drivers license number6) First and Last namesAlthough I caught it before any info was given, I can`t imagine the mess my credit might be in right now. Just wanted to let you know that this may happen to your customers too and they may see it as a reflection on your business. Christine Trebendis[email protected]</A>
  • gte910hgte910h subscriber Posts: 1
    I`ve used it and set up a merchant account.It is extremely easy on both ends. Even easier than paypal. I believe they`re waiving all merchant fees for 2007, so you`ll do quite well for this first year, although you can`t use it to take payment for ebay shops/items.There is no intermediate account like with paypal so I feel you`re a little less likely to be seriously injured by account jacking.        --Michael
  • pej7445pej7445 subscriber Posts: 0
    Yes, we have been using both Google Checkout and PayPal for months. I like Google Checkout best becuase of the fee structure (free until 12/30/07). It`s a good service
  • waterbottlewaterbottle subscriber Posts: 0
    We haven`t tried Google Checkout yet, but Stormpay http://www.stormpay.com/?2133539</A> is a great alternative to paypal.
  • BarbRBarbR subscriber Posts: 5
    Ctrebendis, thanks so much for posting the information you did.  In this age of identity theft, it is always good to hear about fraudulent e-mails from what you think may be a legitimate company.  I have received e-mails that in the "from" area, look like they are from my bank or credit card, etc., and I know not to respond.  It`s amazing how "real" they can make those e-mails look.  I know a few people who have had their identities stolen, and it is just a scary thought. 
    Again, thanks for bringing your story to us on this forum.  Even though we all may be knowledgable of these scams, it doesn`t hurt to reinforce the message to remind us to stay on-guard!  I know these reminders help me!
    Another tip, make sure that when you are putting in your CC info into any form that you are on a secure connection.  You can tell this by looking at the HTTP area of the web address.  If it says "HTTPS", then it is secure.  If it does not and you are asked to enter your CC info to purchase something, just be careful.  I personally refuse to enter CC info unless it is a secure HTTPS connection.   
    Another cool thing I have come across is with Citibank, you can generate a "virtual account number" from your regular credit card account login.  It`s a one-time only number that can be used for internet purchases.  I use that quite a bit, which makes my purchases even safer!  I don`t have any other credit cards with other companies, so I am not sure if other companies offer this service to their customers, but I like it a lot!  It also doesn`t keep a "real" account number on file with the various companies you buy from, who keep your CC info after you make a purchase.
  • mconley2100mconley2100 subscriber Posts: 0
    We`ve just begun using Google Checkout this month.  We experimented when we brought a new line onto our site which sells <a href="www.faroutart.com">Fun and Funky Furniture</a>.  It works very well, though until we integrate it with our shopping cart using the Checkout API`s, we have to work with some elasticity of shipping rates.We`ve taken about a dozen orders, all working without issues.  If I had to suggest some improvements to the system, I`d ask for some control over charges for shipping to different parts of the country (our point of shipping is Portland, OR) and I`d look for a full disclosure of the Client information.  Currently Google withholds the Clients billing address and phone number.  Seems to me that information should be mine, not theirs.It is hard to turn down the price!www.FarOutArt.com
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