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Why not join in

saxmanstevesaxmansteve subscriber Posts: 5
edited November 2015 in Boomers Back in Business
Looking at the stats tells me we have a bunch of people looking at posts,
but they don`t seem to be contributing. Maybe the boomers are a little
reticent to get stuck in - say what they think, ask for others views, make a

For my part I`ll be really happy for anybody to jump in, join the forum and
help us all expand our ideas of business life post career.


  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    looking without speaking has its advantages if the viewer has nothing constructive to say.  if they have something on point, all the better.
  • jaybirdjaybird subscriber Posts: 0
    I second the thought - Boomer entrepreneurs speak up!
    We haven`t been shy in the past in expressing our point of view on any number of issues. And now I can`t think of too many issues we face that require more thoughtfulness than what we will do in the next stage of our lives.
    3 out of 4 of us are telling surveyors that we want to continue working well into our sixties. We want to "stay in the game" and more than a few of us could use an infusion into the `ole retirement fund!
    Self-employment is at its essence: creating your perfect work by appealing to the marketplace with a great product or service.
    You think that there`s job security today in the corporate world - think again!
    Our only real economic security is to learn how to sell our skills, knowledge and interests to willing customers and/or clients.
    I will trust the loyatly of a well-served customer any day over that of a corporate boss!
  • candlelady2candlelady2 subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    As some of you know I`m pretty new around here. Still finding my way around and doing lots of reading. I hope to be adding my thoughts soon.
    I`m not quite sure if the title "Boomers Back In Business" applies. I`m a boomer (1946) who was mostly a stay at home mom. I raised my children and a grandson as well. Now it is my time! I started making candles as a creative outlet and then it turned into a business.  
    I am so grateful to the whole SuN group for having this place to share, grow and learn from.
    I`m at somewhat of a cross roads now. I`m small enough and do it all myself, which doesn`t give me much time to market myself. Word of mouth has helped a lot. People who have bought my candles in the past know the quality and love I put into them. Yes, love! A little love, a lot of testing, (didn`t sell a candle until I tested for almost 2 years) quite a bit of perfectionism too!
    Well, just wanted to let you know I will be participating more after I learn the ropes here a little. Please let me know if I qualify for this forum.
    Thank you all!
  • saxmanstevesaxmansteve subscriber Posts: 5
    Hi candlelady2thanks for  joining in and of course you qualify.I guess we`re all in the same situation - too busy trying to deliver to customers to properly market ourselves - your in good company.If you have any ideas for topics or thoughts on specific subjects you want to share, I for one will very pleased to read about them hereSaxmansteve
  • lbsoclbsoc subscriber Posts: 0
    Well for the past month I`ve just been a reader of this forum--my business won as #9 "Wackiest Business"2007 and I`ve been pretty busy. I always want to post a reply, but finding time to write gets away from me. So starting this week I incorporating writing into my schedule. My business is a bootstrap business, that I am letting grow slowly and deliberately--just like raising children (I have three grown children, all college grads--and all wanting to be entrepreneurs). My business has grown first from word-of-mouth, some beauty fairs my husband and I attended as vendors, and print advertising. 2008 will be the first year I really focus on the sale of my niche items--geared toward those who wear their hair specifically in locs, braids and other "nappy" designated hairstyles (men and women). I`ve gotten a lot of useful information from SUN and looking forward to giving back.
  • nolimits2wealthnolimits2wealth subscriber Posts: 1
    If you get involved in a business that has free marketing resources and training, it will certainly be  less painfull and a more rewarding business finacially.
    If you know how to use a keyboard you are well on your way to success.
  • DBeaversDBeavers subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m a fairly new member to this site, but have responded with advice and suggestions to a number of questions where I felt I had something to offer.  I`m one of the younger baby-boomers at just 55, but started my home-based business 23 years ago.  If  I reach my retirement goal (my 97th birthday), I will have put 65 years into my business.
    I started very small and slow, working on my business after my regular job, then converted to full-time self-employed 20 years ago.   With an initial goal of adding $200 to $300  to the family income (I was the sole breadwinner), the home-based business was the logical way to go.  The business has grown tremendously, and  I have several business customers who have been buying from me for 15 to 23 years. 
    Money wasn`t the only motivation and still isn`t.  Having the freedom to chose my own priorities and not having to worry about a boss or supervision influencing or impacting my future in a negative way, went a long way towards helping me make the transition from employee to entrepreneur.
    I`d probably have more time to contribute here, if I wasn`t already contributing on a dozen different online forums and business message boards. 
    Dennis Bevers
  • Pilotbob2Pilotbob2 subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello all,
    I am new to the site and like many others don`t wish to interject my opinions if I don`t think I have anything to offer so I will only make two observations in this post.
    The biggest complaint I have about trying to find funding or advice on the Internet is the vast proliferation of junk advise. By that I mean people and companies who only want to get your money. As most small business people just starting out, there isn`t much money to spare. These low life vultures will be glad to relieve you of any spare cash you can produce. If I sound bitter, you`re correct. I have never given these types a penny but I know that a lot of people are suckered in every day. No site, not even this one, can keep these snakes from slithering around the forums. What I would suggest is it that anyone thinking of hiring a company or person to promote, evaluate or make a business plan, first post your intention and see what kind of comments or suggestions you receive.
    I do have one other suggestion for those seeking funding of any kind. Check out the person or company thoroughly. I have a close friend that had a great idea and went to some people who supplied a lot of promises and then took his product and used it to scam investors. They made millions, he got nothing. These type of people operate on the gray side of the legal line and usually on a scale that keeps the justice department from going after them. They target small unqualified investors who most often give their life saving over for the idea of making ten times their money in very short periods of time. After the money is gone, so is their ability to sue. There isn`t any easy way to become successful without a lot of long hours and hard work.
    There is still a lot of opportunity in this country and that will always be for those with the drive to make it.
  • TheLarTheLar subscriber Posts: 0
    I am brand new here; I never thought of myself as a boomer. I guess at 59 I am. I've always thought of myself as a businessman and entrepeneur. It is a unique situation I find myself in. My wife Deborah and I lost our 2 homes, business and all of our funds when our money manager embezzled all of our funds. Now we are re-starting our business. I found this site after running into nothing but scam artists on CL. Any info or leads will be very helpful. We're trying to find a equity investor that will fund our business here in Nashville. Thanks Larry Green
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