Huge sponsorship opportunity but how do I pitch a fee??

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Hi all! I`m new here so if I`m in the wrong place please let me know.
I have a very nice but confusing problem.
I`m a Horse racing photographer and it has been getting increasingly expensive to travel to all the events that I cover. I thought I`d test the water with regard to sponsorship. I offered advertising space on the back of my vest and coat, intending to sell space to smaller businesses in the Horse world.
I had a few interested parties but then received a request from the UK`s biggest horse feed suppliers for exclusive advertising and also to sponsor me for the entire year.
Basically I would be wearing their own branded jackets and other apparel whilst working throughout my regular season of around 25-30 main events (Derby, Grand National etc) and they would also require me to attend their own events - presumably ones they sponsor.
They have asked me for a figure, which is a nice headache to have, but still a headache. I have no idea what kind of figure to come with!
What they get is: exposure to a potential 1 million people (probably more). I wear their branded clothing, rights to all photos taken for their own advertising (although I retain copyright) and now extra events of their choosing.
I don`t want to risk losing this opportunity by pricing myself out of the market but I also want to get a fair deal. Anyone have any ideas how I should pitch this??
Kind regards
makka089/29/2008 11:39 AM
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