The Value of This Forum

PeerSightPeerSight subscriber Posts: 7
This is less a question and more an observation.
I am always amazed at the quality of advice that comes from my peers on this forum as well as others. Peers that aren`t in my industry and in many cases don`t even understand my business model.....but provide excellent advice none the less.
I am especially amazed at the collective wisdom that occurs on posts with multiple responses.
I think its possible because:

Most everyone who posts believes in giving and getting,
They share challenges and stresses that only other entrepreneurs can understand.
Starting and growing a business require many of the same leadership skills regardless of the industry.
Starting and growing a business have many of the same issues regardless of the industry.
Other than helping each other and getting answers to our questions we don`t have any political agendas or vested interest with each other`s businesses.
Anyway my observations.....agree / disagree
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