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Seeking Web Site partners to develop several concept sites

PanterrasboxPanterrasbox subscriber Posts: 1
Howdy.  This is my first time to post in this forum.
I have several top domain names I want to develop for Adsense and beyond.  And I need a variety of types of talent resources from Business development to Web site development to Content development.
A couple are job boards [with good names].  One is a health forum.  One is a consumer advocacy site [with a great name].  If you contact me, we can explore the possibilities.
Just as a hint of the name types, one site is www.TrafficReport.com</A>.  This site would be a good one for presenting syndicated content that already exists in various places such as DOT`s, news agencies, competors, etc.  Do you have the experience or the gumption?  If so, then let`s discuss.
All the best!


  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I can build site too. More specifically what are your needs?
  • PanterrasboxPanterrasbox subscriber Posts: 1
    In exchange for monthly recurring revenues, I am seeking the following types of skills to help develop and maintain the Web sites.  I would like them to be pretty much the same configuration accross all the sites to make maintenance as simple as possible.

    Someone who is good with Google Adsense
    With SEO
    With customizing CMS and Forum software such as PHPBB and Geeklog
    Someone who has or can develop relationships with content providers such as traffic reporting and other specialized subject matter experts?
    My thoughts are to give it a try on one or two domains to figure out how to make it work, then grow naturally as we gain ground.  I am paying for the hosting and the domain registrations.  But my budget ends there.  I am already set up for Adsense and am already generating a little (very little) revenue).  So, I am looking for people who are hungry and see the potential and want to be featured as a success story on Startup Nation.
    Of course as prudent entrepreneuers, we`ll put our understanding in writing so we know what to expect of ourselves and each other.
    Happy Entrepreneuring!
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    pantera,I configure PHPBB... check out Paul`s web site.. http://www.rdbelectronics.net/forum</A>I would help you configure it... but you need to show me a business plan or something to get my attention. I get swamped with propositions everyday. So if you want to do business. Show me some sord of Proposal.. not a dream...Take care
  • PanterrasboxPanterrasbox subscriber Posts: 1
    Vincent and Petar, please read my prior post and give me your thoughts.
    Edgar, fair question.
    So far, there is no great business plan.  Very simple.

    Don`t quit your day job.
    Help me set up the sites (site structure, functionality, graphics, RSS feeds, etc).
    Help maintain the sites on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis - your choice.  The greater your contribution, the greater your reward.

    Monthly/quarterly cut of the ad revenues from the site(s) you are involved with.
    A tangible stake in the [potential] sale
    At some yet-undetermined point of critial mass, I will incorporate and distribute shares.  There are lots of details to be addressed and dealt with before then.
    I will tell you more about my background later and you will see that I am both serious, credible, and have a wealth of substantial real world experience.  But first, I must eat dinner.  Cheers!
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