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Hey there,Launched a revised version of
The goal is to be a community for artists. It may seem a bit like DeviantArt, but the USP is that you can earn points (AiR) by being involved. When you leave comments, receive comments, get pageviews, etc. you earn points. These points you can redeem in the store for Widgets for your profile or to unlock extensions such as a personal Journal and custom background images.I did it all myself, from the backend engine to the design and frontend.I would really appreciate feedback on either the layout or whether i should change something to increase conversion (signups).The main problem I'm facing at the moment is "traffic". When i pay for google AdWords i get a few signups, but it's expensive and doesn't lead to a consistent visitor flow. If anyone has suggestions on how to establish more traffic I would be very grateful Thanks in advance!


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    You might consider adding artwork that has a current events theme to it. Say, politics, climate change, housing collapse, the bank bailout, the Haiti earthquake, etc., etc.
    Then, you could leverage the "appeal" that these topics command and get folks to see the related works.
    In essence, you need a "hook". Make artists want to go to your site because it affects them personally.

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