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Ideas on customer retention

FreshUpTFreshUpT subscriber Posts: 1
I`d like some ideas, rather, a "what do you do?" thread about customer retention.I`m in the computer/internet services market and I do little things like show an active interest in my customer`s businesses by sending them occasional blog posts and book ideas specific to their niche.Like "Hey John I thought you might find this interesting, T"Something as simple as that.What do you do?  (I`m mining for ideas...)


  • SullySully subscriber Posts: 7
    Hi T,
        From my experience the best way to keep and retain clients is a mix of a few things. 
    -First is to let them know that you really care about your services and that they are happy with them. 
    -Get to know them/family on a personal level (hobbies/ favorite foods/sports/ etc).  That way when you speak with them you can have done a "little research" on the topic.
    -Give a small discount after a certain billing amount
    -Do discount prepaid hourly plans
    These are just a few things.  I hope it helps and good luck
  • sunshinesunshine subscriber Posts: 0
    I try to always think "what else?" If I`m sending an invoice, can I add something? Sticker, special thank you of some kind (book mark), or just a handwritten positive comment.
    When presenting, I always take something to give to one or more attendees, if not every attendee.
    I contact clients when I don`t want anything but to say hello and wish them well.
    I clip articles pertinent to them or what they do and send it with a short comment.
    I try to assist in any way with things they are working on that have nothing to do with me or my business.
    I never discount the little things as not making enough of an impact.
    I try to always do more than expected.
  • GreetingCardGoldmineGreetingCardGoldmine subscriber Posts: 1
    Whatever contact you have it is important to be consistent so that they don`t have a chance to forget you.
    I like to have at least six contacts a year and will make those with phone calls, email, a few greeting cards and a postcard or two.  Sometimes you are not sure this is working because you do not get a response each time you make a contact.  I know it works though to keep you connected leading to more business, referrals and most certainly a good relationship.
    This week October 6th - 10th is Customer Service Week.  I sent out an email making sure that my customers know that I am always here to serve them.  For those that respond to my email I will have a drawing at the end of the week.  Communication is a two way street so I really wanted to encourage them to at least acknowledge they had received my message.GreetingCardGoldmine10/7/2008 5:03 PM
  • saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    Customer service can have a big effect on a brand's ability to keep its customers, and not necessarily for the reason you think. Customer service is more likely to hurt your retention efforts than help them.
  • Jessie HookieJessie Hookie subscriber Posts: 351 Silver Level Member

    A few known ways:

    1. Use customer accounts

    2. Improve your customer support

    3. Start a customer loyalty program

    4. Send engaging emails to customers

    5. Offer a discount or credit to return

  • Kritagya PandeyKritagya Pandey subscriber Posts: 6 Member

    Most businesses focus on retaining new customers. But what some companies fail to analyze is that it is much more important to focus on your previously acquired customers. Your acquired customers are your real assets when it comes to boosting your sales and getting revenues.

    Thus, it is important to make strong relations with the customers so that they stay loyal to your brand.

    Already existing customers will bring more value to the company and influence more people to buy from you.

    How You Boost Customer Retention?

    1. Conduct customer surveys.
    2. Give a personalized touch to customer service.
    3. Use advanced technologies to bridge the communication gap.
    4. Promise less, deliver far more.
    5. Offer discounts, a gift voucher to returning customers.

    You can refer to this article I recently came across, for a greater and better explanation: 

    5 Tips That Will Help You Retain Customers (callcenterhosting blog)

  • BrackwomBrackwom subscriber Posts: 39 Bronze Level Member
    edited October 2021

    Here are some ideas of customer retention, you can use that:

    1) Build A Loyalty Program

    Loyalty programs are a kind of reward system used to keep existing customers happy and to ensure they keep buying from a brand.

    2) Pay Close Attention To Your Customers’ Queries

    Making your customers feel free to ask questions is a great way to retain them. You need to pay attention to your customers’ questions. Make them feel they can ask any question they want. Show them they can comfortably share their issues with you.

    3. Listen Closely To Your Customers’ Complaints

    If you listen to your customer complaints and reply to them with honesty, they will simply love your brand and will of course buy from you over and over again.

    4. Get Social With Your Customers

    To retain any relationship you need to constantly be in touch.

    5. Maintain Customer Communication With Email Newsletters

    email newsletters are the best form of communication. It allows you to talk directly with your customers.

    6. Create A Brand Community

    If you build a community around your business, people would love to stay with you for sure. Which will help you as a customer retention strategy for your business.

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