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Managers Resource for Accounting

asykesasykes subscriber Posts: 3
Hi,We have begun to build a website providing information about the accounting process tailored for management staff. The hope is that this resource will help managers better understand the accounting process and as a result make better accounting decisions. We`d really appreciate any feedback or suggestions for topics to cover.Accounting For ManagersThanks in advance for your help and suggestions, and we hope you like the site.


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    davennydavenny subscriber Posts: 2
    The site looks ok, I only have two questions...First: do you believe "non-accounting" people are going to take the time to come to your website and read all the information on a topic that most likely hate?Second: What is your revenue model....i see the google ads, what is your current click rate and RPC.  Do you recieve revenue in some other way?
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    asykesasykes subscriber Posts: 3
    Erik,Thanks for taking the time to look, it`s much appreciated, and your points are very valid.1/ I think whether a manager likes accounting or not (and like you say, most hate it!) there does come a time when as a manager you are faced with making a decision that is too important to do without an understanding of the financials. So really Accounting For Business is meant to help those few people who genuinely find it interesting, and the rest of us who just need to know it to be good at our jobs. 2/ Revenue model is an interesting question, the short answer is, you see it all (google ads) and the site is too new to have any meaningful data as yet. Generally the site isn`t really intended as a money spinner, more as a genuine altruistic resource on business accounting. However, that doesn`t mean that a revenue model isn`t important as the better the site performs the more we can invest back into it. One thing I`d really like to see is the site making enough money to afford to pay for articles from other writers on accounting and general business finance subjects. If anyone has any suggestions for improving the business model, then please feel free to comment, this type of venture is new to us.One thing we have been considering is some kind of adsense revenue share for people willing to contribute to the site. i.e. if you provide the content then it`s your ads that appear in the right column. If anyone is interested in this idea, or has any suggestions for a better model, I`d be really glad to hear from them.- Andrewasykes2006-10-19 11:45:29
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