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Managing Your Blog - Is increased traffic now a CATCH-22?

profitizerprofitizer subscriber Posts: 16 Bronze Level Member
edited September 2009 in Marketing
Q: How do folks behave when they comment on your blog? As blogs are becoming more important to one`s business, a lot of marketing effort is spent trying to drive more traffic to it.But, are you experiencing a downside to the increase in traffic from a labor standpoint such that your blog has or is developing into a catch-22? Is it still fun or do you find that fun dwindling and becoming replaced such that it is more like a job? For example, do your blog participants behave themselves and stay on point and follow your posting rules or do you find yourself doing more labor-intensive pruning to remove comments that contain inappropriate language or contains just plain stupidity, etc.? I`ve heard some refer to this nonsense labor aspect as likened to 'babysitting` sometimes to the point where the fun is eroding from it slowly but surely. Do you handle unruly posters by:
* blocking their IP address * blocking their user account * require login when you used to allow guests to post * other?
- Do you have posting rules they must follow and do you enforce them as written? - Do you send them a message to give them the opportunity to `fix` their post before you remove it? - Do you actually edit a user`s post to make it conform? - Do you find yourself saying "I`ll just let that go?" or in essence doing the equivalent by taking no action? - Do you manage other bloggers? Do you have these similar kinds of specific unruly issues with bloggers as you do with commenters? Do you allow all who registers to create a blog? How`s that working for you? - What software is it? Do you like it? - Does your blog software have a word censor that replaces those words with e.g. `*`? If it does, do you use that feature? If so, when you see those posts, do you still remove them or let them stay? - Does your blog have a `Report`-type feature whereby other visitors can report inappropriate posts to you? If so, have you enabled that feature and do others use it and use it often enough? - Do you find folks flaming each other whether within the comment or via private messaging or E-mail to the point where it gets out of hand? What do you do to remedy that situation? - Does your blog have a feature whereby each instance a user violates the posting rules that they are assigned a point until accumulated enough for the blog software to block their account? - Do you find those violators signing up for a new account under a different name / E-mail so they can come back to annoy you some more? ~~~~~~Please share your experiences whether good, bad or indifferent and possibly how long you`ve been managing your blog(s). Of course, you can answer any combination of these questions that you want. - Can you provide your blog address so we can take a look, too?
*** BUT ONLY add your blog`s URL if you provide constructive information here to help us all out e.g. the applicable blog software management features you use in addition to your management style methods and procedures plus your daily routine that you use to help you manage it, stay sane and keep it somewhat fun.
- Also, let us know anything else that shows us how you keep those visitors `at-bay`; how much time per day and how many days per week do you spend on just the management aspect alone; and if you find that time spent is increasing. - If you have other tips, please let us know what they are. Thanks.


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