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Be Gentle... I Need Some Website Feedback

StartupStellaStartupStella subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2006 in Website Critique
Great people of the Startup Nation!!!I need your help!!!
Could you take a look at my website...http://www.startupstella.com/</A> and surf through it a little?
Would you let me know what you think? See anything that doesn`t work? Do you like the layout? Do you like the look? The products?Now, if you can, be blunt. I`m afraid when it comes to technical stuff, I don`t know my apps from a hole in the ground, so, I will take your comments and try to translate them for my web designer. I tend to refer to important web applications as "do thingies" and "whatchamajiggs" and apparently that drives my web designer bonkers. Too bad for him!!!Thanks in advance,Startup StellaStart It Up!


  • MeitziMeitzi subscriber Posts: 4
    Stella - first of all, you are so funny!!! I printed out one of the "Kitchen Table Commerce" and checked out  your website yesterday.  The only suggestion I would make, and this is a personal preference, is I`d like to see actual products instead of in graphic drawings. 
    I wanted to order your daily calendar but would like see perhaps one sample page, just out curiosity I guess.
    Other than that, I can`t wait to see more Kitchen Table Commerce!!!!!!!
  • sarahleighmsarahleighm subscriber Posts: 3
    I agree with Meitzi I too would like to see actual products
    instead of the graphics, other than that I love your website and
    Kitchen Table Commerce is so true to my home/business life!!
    Keep up the good work
  • theswaynestertheswaynester subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member
    I really dig the website.I`d like to see some more products, too.
    The Swaynestertheswaynester2006-10-5 19:47:58
  • keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    Gotta agree with Chris - the drawings of the products go with the cartoon persona (disregarding the fact the products probably haven`t been produced yet ). Everything works, just have`t blown from my nose yet laughing. But there`s hope.
    Is Stella the daughter of Pebbles? The granddaughter of Fred and Wilma? Damn, I swear she has Flintstone genes? What year is this anyway?
  • StartupStellaStartupStella subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks so much for your insight and feedback guys!R@: No Flintstone genes that I know of... I do yell out "Yabba-Dabba-Start-It-Up," when I get excited, though...
    Startup Stella
  • ChristinaChristina subscriber Posts: 6
    I like the site`s general layout and colors and the cartoons are just
    hilarious I didn`t get any pop-ups. And I`ll chime in with a "me
    too" on wanting to see the actual products.

    It`s clean and simple and should serve you well for your beginnings.
    For a later development, I could definitely see a more cartoony look
    and feel to the whole thing. Maybe even some flash or something
    interactive. Cartoons are so much fun, I can envision a really fun site
    with loads of cartoon personality
  • rossbrossb subscriber Posts: 5
    Stella -I agree with Chris, I like the drawings of your products, that`s who you are.  I didn`t get any popups, but if I had, I`d tell you to get rid of them as fast as possible.Not sure if you`re finished with the overall design yet, but I`d add some kind of texture to your dark blue background, something subtle, just enough to break it up a bit and purely for aesthetics...Love your insights and humor, congrats on getting it Started Up!!R-
  • mchutchmchutch subscriber Posts: 7

    I agree with everyone else here. I wish there were actual products rather
    than the drawings. Whether it means that you create mockups of what the
    actual product will look like and photograph them, it makes it real rather
    than virtual. Consumers don`t usually buy what they can`t see.

    Did you illustrate Stella yourself? Will that same illustration show up on
    every page of the desk calendar, magnet etc.? If so, there should be more
    of an emphasis on the inspirational or humorous saying because that
    seems to be your strength based on your background. I am always
    amazed and in awe of great copy writers. As a designer, I have the luxury
    of making something look good but a great writer has the difficult task of
    making something sound good.

    I don`t want to sound mean but there is something child-like or childish
    about the look and feel of your site. If that was your intent that is fine.
    But playing devil`s advocate, even though a business is home-based it
    does necessarily mean they want to appear to be home-based. Home-
    based business are attracted to the same professional or more finished
    sites that other businesses are. I`m not saying lose the cartoon feel but I
    think you need to polish up a bit more to attract your potential
    customers. Some sites to look at that have an illustrated character are:

    Obviously, each site is for a different audience. I am not saying they are
    masterpieces in interactive design either but there is something
    compelling enough for someone to stick around and check it out.
  • StartupStellaStartupStella subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you one and all.This is fantabulous advice. Gosh. I`m starting to sound like Joel.I`m so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing brain power.
    Startup Stella
  • judjahjudjah subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi Stella,
    Just checked out your site.  It was clean, easy to navigate, all links worked, pleasing to the eye...in other words, I thought it looks great!  Congrats on a nice web site and a great concept.
  • StartupStellaStartupStella subscriber Posts: 2
    I appreciate the feedback Eileen! I`m glad you like it.
  • ivanpwivanpw subscriber Posts: 2
    You certainly spice up this dull world full of "oh so much fun 9 to 5 work!! woohoo. yay. *cough cough* what time is it? oops its 05.01 pm.. I have to feed my dog. C ya! gotta go home ASAP! tell the boss I`m running away."
    Anyway, a bit of fun color here and there would bring your webpage more attractive... perhaps garfields(dot)com-look?
    Cheers! It sure fun things you did!
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