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Tracking Down EIN

startsmallbizstartsmallbiz subscriber Posts: 1
Is there a way to track down an EIN? 
If your business buy supplies but the supplier is trying to dodge taxes by refusing to tell you its EIN (and you need the EIN to deduct the purchase price), is there a way to look the EIN up online?


  • startsmallbizstartsmallbiz subscriber Posts: 1
    That is great information!  Thanks!  The sites with links from the VirtualChase website  seems great for finding info on large businesses with more than 100 employees.  Unfortunately, the law does not require smaller businesses (those with fewer than 100 employees and that have less than $5000 in premiums) to file a "Form 5500" for their benefits plans.  All of the sites with links from VirtualChase obtain their information from filings with the Department of Labor, which does not require tiny businesses to file any paperwork at all.  For such small businesses, there may be an EIN, but none of the sources with links on that VirtualChase website (free or paid) have access to EINs of small businesses.  Only very large businesses, with large benefit plan premiums, file Form 5500s.  I guess I should only buy supplies from very large companies!
    Here are some excerpts from theFreeErisa FAQ, which can be found at http://www.freeerisa.com/info/faq.asp#w ... etyourdata</A>:
    <A name=nofilings></A>Why doesn`t Company X have a 5500 for Plan Y? I know they filed one!Here are the most common reasons that you may not find a 5500 filing on FreeERISA:
       1.  The plan sponsor or administrator did not file for the year in question. ...   7.   The plan was too small to file (i.e. most welfare plans with fewer than 100 participants).
    <A name=missingschedule></A>Why doesn`t this plan have a particular schedule?...Schedule A is only filed if the plan is insured. Schedule C is only filed if a plan provider was paid $5,000 or more out of plan funds. ...
    <A name=cantfindein></A>Why can`t I find this company`s EIN? I know it exists.EIN Finder contains approximately five million EIN numbers, however there are millions more in the United States. Most of these other EINs are for trusts or estates. An EIN not appearing in our database does not mean it is invalid. We are constantly looking for new sources of government data to supplement our current listing of EINs.
  • sreyssreys subscriber Posts: 0
    What makes you think the supplier is trying to dodge taxes? Maybe he just knows he`s not required to provide it. There is no requirement in the Internal Revenue Code or Treasury Regulations that you must have the supplier`s EIN in order to deduct an ordinary, necessary business expense. The only time you need it is if you are required to provide a 1099, and even then you can still deduct the expense even if you fail to file a required 1099.
  • startsmallbizstartsmallbiz subscriber Posts: 1
    b2bfo: He essentially told me not to deduct.  In his view, my expenses are so much bigger than my income that I don`t really need the deduction, so he doesn`t want me to expose him to any tax burden for the money I`ve paid him.
    By the way, I got some of the "law" numbers wrong (dollar amounts and number of employees) in my response to Mr. Lindon, but my point was that FreeErisa ignores small businesses unless those small businesses have filed a benefits/retirement/etc. plan with the government.  Small businesses that don`t provide any benefits get ignored by companies like FreeErisa.  There is no way to get any info on small businesses.
    I have found some other sites that do help, though, if anyone is interested.
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    b2bfo: He essentially told me not to deduct.It isn`t your job to enforce the law.  Leave that to the IRS.I am still puzzled why you think you need to file a form 1099?
  • glgcpaglgcpa subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Once you have "proof" that you have tried to obtain their TIN, such as the return of a certified letter which included Form W-9, and they refused to complete the form, then you area allowed to leave that field blank.  You will need to retain your proof in order to request abatement of the penalties which you will be assessed.
  • RebeckaRebecka subscriber Posts: 0

    Is there a way to track down an EIN? 
    If your business buy supplies but the supplier is trying to dodge taxes by refusing to tell you its EIN (and you need the EIN to deduct the purchase price), is there a way to look the EIN up online?

    Start backup withholding (28%) until they release their EIN. Frankly, I just wouldn`t conduct business with someone who didn`t conduct business legally or ethically.
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