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Looking for buyers

espressogespressog subscriber Posts: 4
Hi,I start importing galvanized zinc, ceramics, rattan and bamboo planters for both indoor/outdor decoration.  I`m looking for any leads for buyers.  I was first thinking about HomeDepot but not sure if someone that big is willing to buy products from a small guy like me.  Thanks.Stanley


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    Pins66Pins66 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Stanley,Have you approached smaller garden centers with your products?  What price range are your planters?  Also sizes, colors, etc.  Here in Western Michigan there are a lot of "smaller" garden supply outlets and greenhouses that may be interested in new products to sell along with their plants.Dave
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    espressogespressog subscriber Posts: 4
    Thanks Dave.  I`m still working out details such as shipping cost, etc.. so I don`t have a price range in detail yet.   I`ll make inquiries in smaller garden supply players.  I have done some googling search and i don`t find many places carrying the products I`m about to import.  That might be good or bad, I don`t know.  Good is that I might not facing a lot of competition.  Bad is whether there is a market for my products or not.  Does anyone happen to know what the markets are like for these products?TIA.
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