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Egumball.com - Anyone Heard of Them?

MarcSmithMarcSmith subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2011 in Marketing
Anyone heard of http://www.egumball.com/?  I am interested in getting my company listed online and they have a service that guaruntees you local listings on Google, Yahoo, and MSN for $199/month.  Any suggestions?


  • MannyPaulMannyPaul subscriber Posts: 0
    What the chance of this... i was actually looking for them!  Yeah, oddly enough eGumBall is actually a company that knows their biz.  I was with them for nine months and ranking.  I was getting sales calls not a huge amount but calls so I thought my company could do better.  This is where problems started. 
    I recieved a call from another "SEO" company that said they can do what eGumBall does and less than 1/5th the price.  Feeling robbed I dropped eGumBall and went with the "other" company only to find out that they couldn`t even get me to page three. 
    I can tell you eGumBall is a real quite company.  They do not call you to give you the whole up-sell thing... "need more money"..
    Thanks for the link... I am giving them a shout. 
    Do you know if they are Eastern Time or Pacific Time?
    MannyPaul11/28/2008 2:31 AM
  • RetiredMember5RetiredMember5 subscriber Posts: 0
    Haven`t heard of this company.  Thanks for the insight though and will check them out.  Always looking for new business relationships.  If you are difficulty with starting, operating or growing your business, you may want to check out our FREE entrepreneur guide as to today`s web 2.0 world.
    Thanks again.
  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    My experience, as told to me by my clients, is that most [if not nearly all] "internet marketing" and "SEO" services end up being snake oil - no matter how slick the website looks like.  They promise the moon and do not deliver.
  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    my comments are not limited to WRITTEN promises that end up being lies.
  • MarcSmithMarcSmith subscriber Posts: 1
    This forum post is making me laugh.  I definately think I made the right decision to hold off on this "seo" service. 
  • MarcSmithMarcSmith subscriber Posts: 1
    So I have a question for Egumball.  I know nothing about Seo or whatever you guys call it, but I noticed that you were giving this lawyer a hard time for his "invisible writing" on his website.  You said it`s a really bad bad thing to do.  So how do you explain this: www.statefarm.com.  They do the exact same thing on their site at the bottom.  Are you saying they are doing something bad?
  • SuperSSuperS subscriber Posts: 0
    What does the map listing on Google have to do with your web site? As far as I can see there are 10 agents in my town on that listing and I know that at least 2 of them have never entered anything in to it and they are on it. And 3 more of the agents don`t even have a website and they are listed in it. 
    You say that you cant have two listings on Google with the same phone number....but what if you have two offices as I do.  Both my offices use the same 800 number....you are saying that Google would penalize me for that? 
  • SuperSSuperS subscriber Posts: 0
     Search "insurance schenectady" on Google.  Two of the listings that appear go to corporate websites, one of them doesn`t even have a website, and two of the agents are my friends and they have never set up anything with anyone.
  • MarcSmithMarcSmith subscriber Posts: 1
    Well the guy is doing something right because I copied some of those white words into Yahoo and I see him everywhere there!  So Mr. Lawyer (I can`t remember your name - sorry lol), who do you use for this stuff?  Maybe i`ll give them a call.
  • SuperSSuperS subscriber Posts: 0
    I am an insurance agent...not an Seo person....none of that makes sense to me.
    SuperS2008-12-8 15:32:35
  • MarcSmithMarcSmith subscriber Posts: 1
    Um, I`m feeling great.  And I copied the first few phrases on his "white-colored area" and see him up for all of them:


    Ohio Patent Attorney Lawyer


    Ohio Invention Patent Attorney Lawyer


    Technology Attorney Lawyer

  • MarcSmithMarcSmith subscriber Posts: 1
    um, I don`t know - I wasn`t trying to say what`s "searched more" - clearly I have no idea!!  I was pointing out that you were condemning him for his website design (the white letters) and I just stated that the words in white seem to pull him up on Yahoo....you always get off topic and throw stones without addressing the issue at hand...jeeze...talk about defensive.
  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    when i type in "Cleveland Ohio Patent Attorney" in Yahoo, only two lawyers show up ahead of me.  true, there are other links for "find a job" etc.   if somebody is looking for a patent attorney, they will easily find me.  Paying somebody thousands of dollars to get "optimized" won`t help much, if at all.
  • JDeslerJDesler subscriber Posts: 0
    I was prospecting clients and came across someone in Denver using them - first time I heard of anyone.  They seemed satisfied with them...  I`m an Internet Marketing Consultant for LiveDeal, Inc. we are the best at keyword marketing converting clicks into jobs/clients.  We are Certified by Google to reseller Adwords and have hired the best technical minds creating relevant keyword campaigns giving you a high quality score with Google and guarantee traffic.  I think that sums it up pricing starts at $150.00 monthly guaranteed min. of 50 unique visitors (fixed price at $3.00).  Jeff - 800-977-6038 ext. 2854
  • businessownerbusinessowner subscriber Posts: 0
    Just some info for anyone looking to use egumball.  I purchased the service and the thing is, they make you a landing page and get you and Google page 1.  That is their big promise, just be aware, that they are not talking about the Organic area, they are talking about the Google Maps part, which is great because that is at the very top!  Here`s the problem.  That`s Free from Google!!!  All you have to do is register your website with them, they follow-up with a 30 second phone call and you`re there.  If you are going to optimize your site, search locally and hire someone in your community who might refer a customer to you.  It`s silly to spend $250 and then $99/mo so egumball makes you a weak landing page and registers you with google.  Registering with google is very simple.  But if you have no idea what you are going and no resources locally to help you.  They will register you and they will get you to the top of the list of names on google maps.  I just didn`t think it was worth it.  It`s not a hoax...just over-rated.
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