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Hi from Mark!

startupntnstartupntn subscriber Posts: 1
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My name is Mark and I`m scared.
I am 45, married 25 years, two kids 12 and 15 this year and have a successful career as an RN for 20 years at the same hospital.
Now, at this stage in my life, I want to leave it all and  to open an RV park.
First off, camping is my passion. Camping, meeting people, travelling, maps, truckstops, anything with tires and travel, I enjoy. The open road calls me. Last summer, we took June off and drove 6,497.3 miles outwest, camped 16 states. An AWESOME experience for my whole family. Along that newfound world, I began to toss around this idea.
I came home with it, struggled with it. I`ve ran the numbers as best I know how and done the right way, I believe that there would be a profit. HOWEVER, I would venture to think MOST starters would think that.
In this case in specific, rising gas prices would help me. See, where we live, there are no local "destination" campgrounds. There are some state parks. I want to make a small campground with sat tv/wifi/nice restrooms, pond, etc. A place for the LOCALS to take their family and camper. But also, a place for overniters to stop in if they want. NOWHERE within 100 miles of me has campgrounds with reservations as I would.
So, yea, I`m scared, since I don`t know you I don`t mind sharing these thoughts:
-Would this completely take over my life and make me miserable? I work M-F now 8:30-4:30 no weekends/ holidays and make pretty good money.
-Would I fall on my face in debt?
-Would I loose time with my kids. I know they could work there with me, but I might miss some things they do...church, school, things with their friends.
-Would I go from LOVING this to HATING this?
So there, I`m outta the closet middle aged confessed scared man. But, I "feel" good about thinking in this direction. Of course I have "felt" good about some less than desireable choices in my life in my late teens.
Oh..when you ask me my favorite job in my life? It was workign as a desk clerk at a Holiday Inn while I was in nursing school. Meet people, say hi, make em a nice place to stay the nite and boom, they move on. Something about that made me happy. I have to take that into consideration now. I don`t hate my job at all, but THAT was my favorite job.
startupntn4/18/2008 1:07 PM
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