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Grants & Funding

mybOutiquedreammybOutiquedream subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2008 in Startup Funding
I am planning to open my own home decor shop and need funding! I`m not sure exactly how much- but I`m pretty sure it will be a lot!
I`ve heard people talk about grants that are out there to help women start their own businesses- does anyone know of any or where to go to find them?
Thanks in advance for any help!!!


  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Finding a funding strategy for a specific situation begins with a pretty specific amount needed. I would suggest continuing your planning process so you can identify the amount of capital you need.
  • KevDevKevDev subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    Check with your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC). They`ll be able to give you the (honest) scoop on available grants.
    Good luck!
  • mybOutiquedreammybOutiquedream subscriber Posts: 1
    Great! Thanks for all your input.
    Has anyone ordered the software from Small-Business-Grants.biz? I like that they have a book to help you put together your purposal, and then software to search for available grants.
  • startuphelperstartuphelper subscriber Posts: 2
    Boutiquedream, to be perfectly honest with you, you really shouldn`t waste anymore time going down the grants road. You won`t find any meaningful grants for a for-profit start up. The type of business you want to start (which sounds like it would be great fun) won`t qualify for any grants. Sure, there are small grants here and there you might apply for (we`re talking $1000 or so) but the competition will be fierce and in the long run that little bit of cash won`t go far.
    A new start up like you`re talking about will run you at least $40,000 and that`s starting small. You should concentrate on finding other sources for funding. Can you qualify for a loan? Can you borrow from friends or family (not recommended)? Can you get a home equity loan? Can you cash out a 401K (also not recommended)? Can you pull money from credit cards?
    While some of those suggestions are not my first recommendation, you will stand a better chance at seeing your dream become a reality going those routes than spending weeks and months looking for non existent grants.
    I do wish you luck! (I offer viable funding options in my startup kit.)


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    startuphelper2/27/2008 3:30 PM
  • allianceonellcallianceonellc subscriber Posts: 0
    We all know that starting up a business is a tough task and the most daunting task between the process, is to arrange the finance. In fact, if a company is not funded it is unable to accomplish its mission which is the purpose of its existence. Obtaining funding should start with a solid business plan.
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