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star catchers and dream makers

baldeaglxrayvisionbaldeaglxrayvision subscriber Posts: 2
edited May 2007 in Elevator Pitches
hi critiques and investors ill appologize right now for the spelling and grammar. Just for now want to tell my storie and what im triing to do. I HAVE ONCE NOT LONG AGO STARTED A SMALL ANTIQUE STORE BUILT IT UP CHANGED LOCATIONS 3 TIMES MIXED WITH A PARTNER HE WAS TOTALLY NOT A GOOD CHOICE AND THROUGH THE TIME I MADE MONEY I EARNED A LOT OF EXPERIENCE THROUGH MISTAKES AND GOT OUT OF IT AS PARTNER WANT MAKING ANY MONEY TIME TO LEAVE! Although i did see the city im in prosper and make lots of business changes and advances the one building still up for grabs was sold but to my luck can be purchaced again i drew up 4 copies of my business plan even with murals painted on the wall of the building this town loves murals there all over anyway its 3 stories and lots of footage needs a fire wall in the elavator needs an escape stairs outside the building and a disabled ramp for the disabled not much total 25,000 cost of building 68,500 products will be open for discussion with investors my idea a health gym in basement healthfood store gourmet bistro 1st floor it also has a stair case on first floor thats like a balcony like to hold fashion shows there second floor antique auction floor and stores of various kinds staying away from liquids and clutter  last floor lofts of interior changes of vies like paris and new york and hawaii and other places  looking to combine 2,000 investors who will all be on the buildings title so you will all be part of the realestate owned able to buy eachother out if they want to sell and looking for only 100 dollars from each of us not to be sent till proposal has all 2.000 investors and they can check the reliability of the firms honesty from the city attorney title check and all other aspects of the firms insurance and total prospectus this is my first attemt at this on start up nation though i have sent the proposal out already once to oprah winfrey with failed responce or none yet so far but still wright to check status from her if any ideas suggestions or more inquiries feel free to email me and talk  sincerly charles tipton and about critiques and pessimists im looking for editors at first but the 2000 investors have to be oprimists and ready to take on the world id like us to make a very very healthy firm besides just this first building with numbers of investors i see anything can happen lets just do that cincerly c.j.g t. originally im from california now in missouri. p.s. this town is the fastest frowing midwest town in missouri pleaase dont take my building and or idea this is for real and ive worked hard on this  thank a million.  


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