How to I market a new idea?

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Originally Confadate was a web site for on line daters.  After meeting someone on line and before deciding to meet him (or her) for the first time, the client could order a quick (but legal)background check to see of this person has a criminal record and is who they say they are.  In the course of networking Confadate, I was asked to do a background check for a friend who was thinking about hiring a nanny.  Then I had another similar request.  Now I am trying to market the idea of easily accessible, affordable and legal background checks for personal hiring needs.  Question:  do I target home owners?  Single women?
elderly? What forum to I use?  So far just using the Internet is not working.  I have all so added Confa-tips to the web site.  Every month I will publish articles on personal safety.  This month it is Safety while Traveling.  Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
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