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dog web site

advernationadvernation subscriber Posts: 3
edited April 2009 in Website Critique
Creating a dog blog web site for a client, never came across this type of venture before, but heres what i created so far, i noticed there are a few sites like this already but anyone know what we can add to it, the link is http://www.fetchdogg.com thanks in advance! oh and it is basically a web site where a dog owner/lover can create there own blog for their dog and have a nice unique theme, built around wordpress multi user platform


  • jerejere subscriber Posts: 1
    That logo/header is killing me. I can barely read the subtitle (which is your call to action for new users).
    Not sure what you mean by "what we can add to it". What does the client need?
  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    my dog can`t type, so we`ve got that to contend with in setting up a blog.
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    my dog can`t type, so we`ve got that to contend with in setting up a blog.

    LOL - you need "bark recognition" software.
    The site is a cute idea - there certainly are a lot of dog lovers in the world. I`m not sure how may would create a blog and blog about their dog... a forum type of application might be more conducive to participation.
    I`m not a big fan of having google ads in the content area, I think it detracts from the blog.
    vwebworld4/26/2009 10:26 AM
  • ArcherTCArcherTC subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello Chris,
    WPMU is great, isn`t it?  Your client should enjoy it`s ease of use.
    I`m not sure your chosen theme design invites the kind of participation it deserves.  Although you say it`s for the dogs, you actually are speaking to their companion humans, and having something that speaks to what THEY will get out of the site might be nice.  Some professional grade photos of dogs and their owners would be nice.  A sample blog (so that people can see what they`re getting to) might spur people to start.  But more from the owner of the site would be absolutely needed -- right now, I`d feel like I were just talking into a void by joining. (I do not have a pet, though.)
    The navigation, the ad image and the introductory copy all could use some reconsideration. 
    And, um, you do know about My-Dog-Blog and MyDogSpace right?ArcherTC4/26/2009 3:57 PM
  • advernationadvernation subscriber Posts: 3
    lol, thanks for the comments, yes bark recognition software is in the works, what do you mean about the "logo/header is killing me. I can barely read the subtitle (which is your call to action for new users)." a forum based thing might work as well, was planning on the use of the wordpress comments instead though
  • advernationadvernation subscriber Posts: 3
    Yes this is the first test that i put out to get some feed back on it, i am aware of other  dog - blog sites -im thinking of offering some incentives for people to join have a list in process and some more promotions the feedback is great i will definitely change it to phase 2 now will post when i update some changes
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