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A new Social Marketplace is emerging where EVERYONE competes

soloexsoloex subscriber Posts: 4
edited October 2008 in Selecting a Business
Hello guys,
I am happy to post this topic and get your opinions.
LendingTree.com says when banks compete you win. Priceline.com lets you name the price you want to pay for your hotel and travel and then negotiates that deal if possible. So my question to you is, what if there was a site that spanded across the board for any and everything? Whether I need an auto mechanic, carpetcleaner, babysitter, software programmer, or even a tutor? In this new social marketplace, everyone would be an entrepreneur competing for the jobs of consumers. Do you think something like this works?
This is what my company is doing to bring it to life but wanted to get your feedback. You can visit bidwilly.wordpress.com to learn more. Please respond with your thoughts.


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    soloexsoloex subscriber Posts: 4
    Thanks Craig for your comments. But to further ellaborate, this new marketplace would not be affected by the busy mechanic, in fact it`ll take business away from him. The busy mechanic isn`t the one that`ll be using the system - but he will once he realize that it`s the next-door neighbor who`s now winning the work. You must remember, the point is not to give more work to the people who already have work, but it`s to allow the "little man" to emerge. There are average everyday Americans who have a strong expertise in cars that live next to you that you are not even aware of. That same person is also unemployed or just looking to make a few dollars on the side. It`s that person that`ll benefit, as well as you.
    Let me know your thoughts, this is great dialogue. I want to be sure you understand the marketplace I am speaking of .
    It`ll be great to hear from others as well.
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    soloexsoloex subscriber Posts: 4
    One key thing you should know is that BidWilly allows for extensive information on a company. It stresses users to leave feedback, comments, ratings, etc after using a service provider. The information provided is more accurate than that of Angie`s List or the Better Business Bureau. So choosing a great provider will be easy for you because your community has given you the information needed to make great selections. Unlike in today`s traditional marketplace, you know very little about who you are doing business with. Very little.
    As for the comparison to craigslist, it`s a much more sophisticated system. It took 3 years to develop and has an appraised cost of 3.8 million(and thats just the development cost). Craiglist doesn`t give you any information on the people you are buying from while BidWilly does. I can also use this same example when people browse through their phonebook to find a serviceprovider - no quality information available to make a good decision as you will see provided through BidWilly.
    I love this talk Craig as it gives me a chance to see how some may confuse the magnitude and reach of BidWilly. I will ensure our marketing plan conveys the difference in our services vs. others.
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