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UK Angel Investment

SnowflakeManSnowflakeMan subscriber Posts: 3
edited September 2006 in Startup Funding
I don`t need investment at the minute, but may need it in the future if business proves successful. Does anyone know of Angel investors who are active in the UK?
Many Thanks


  • cugelertcugelert subscriber Posts: 7
    My best recommendation to you is to go to www.gobignetwork.com</A> .  I`ve joined and sent letters to angels, VC`s, you name it, for a project I`m working on and got many replies, mostly from brokers representing angels or VC`s as well, but its a good place to start, at least for me.  I now have 4 definite brokers who have investors waiting for my business plan.
    If you decide to go there, the best way I found, is to pay the small fee to join (about $40 USD), and it will allow you to write to 4 or 5 listings per 24 hr period.  There are many listed from the UK there as well as globally.
    If you get into mentioning numbers in your intro letter, keep in mind that if its a broker, you`ll have to give them a slice as well.
    And by the way, always watch yourself.  I came across a UK angel during my search who insisted I work with his VC company and when I did a background check on them, they didn`t exist.  Not even the Barrister they recommended in London according to the registry there.
    This isn`t to say that the site is bad, but scams are everywhere these days so watch out for yourself first.  They seem to infiltrate everything is one way or another.
    Hope this helps.
    Cu Gelert
  • SnowflakeManSnowflakeMan subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks for the heads up Jerik
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