California LLC Opened 4 Years ago

smashedpumpkinssmashedpumpkins subscriber Posts: 1
Back during the start of 2008 I opened an LLC. I didn't realize until this week that I was supposed to be paying $800 yearly. I've been searching the net like crazy trying to find answers. I
keep reading online that if I don't plan to
revive it I can leave it be and forget it. However, I'm worried about
that... What kind of statutes of limitation do they have? Can they come
after me in 30 years saying I owe $50k? For some reason the LLC is still
in the active state and I really don't know what to do. When it does
become suspended, will it still accumulate taxes and penalties? I only
actually ran the business for a year. I filed a return in California and I've filed Idaho returns ever since. (All negative income) I appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks for the help!
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