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Please critique my website

grandmistressgrandmistress subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2008 in Website Critique
I`m using Microsoft Office Live and have my site up.  Please view it and offer your critique.  Thanks,


  • abrummsabrumms subscriber Posts: 6
    Decent content. You need a copy editor.Pictures are often squished or distorted or of poor quality.Your personality DOES come through (which I think is nice) but this site needs alot of "cleanup".Aaron
  • grandmistressgrandmistress subscriber Posts: 1
    Dear Aaron,
    Thanks for your comments.  What do you mean by "cleanup"?  Please be specific.
    What is squished?  Poor quality I can deal with, but can`t see what squished means.
    Blessings for the holiday season,
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    First, you need your navigation menu on every page; right now it is kind of hit or miss. You need the same menu on every page, containing links to every other page.
    The headlines, or main tags in the text area, are different colors ( which is ok, although inconsistent ), but they seem to "jump" when going from page to page. Actually, a couple of the pages seem to do this.
    Don`t use your "Photo Gallery" page as a second site map, even if you are still working on it. In fact, it doesn`t look professional to have "Under Construction " pages .... instead, create a " Coming Soon " page with a list of the pages you are still working on.
    Some images look like they have been resized without keeping their proportions.
    The solid red, the flower .... for me, it is bland, it isn`t appealing .... try to make it more personal, passionate, relative to you and your profession.
    The program you used is popular, but very limiting in originality and being able to create a really appealling site. Not to mention, it doesn`t do you any favors for search engines.

  • abrummsabrumms subscriber Posts: 6
    Squished = "resized without keeping their proportions"
  • abrummsabrumms subscriber Posts: 6
    cleanup = spend more time fine tuning your site. Each page`s "template" needs to be the same.  The previous poster mentioned the header jumping around.  This isn`t good.  There really are alot of issues like this and I`m not sure it would do you, or me, any good too name them all and get super nitpicky... I`m just suggesting you take some time and really make it look tight and clean.
  • grandmistressgrandmistress subscriber Posts: 1
    Dear Webline,
    Wow! what insight and eyes you have!!! Thank you, though I`m still wondering how to correct some of the things you saw.  I really like the Coming Soon suggestion, thanks a million.
    Dear Abrumms,
    Ok, now I understand about the photos.  Thanks.  Thanks for all of your input.  I`m so appreciative of this community.
  • consumertreehouseconsumertreehouse subscriber Posts: 11
    I think you get the point across about who you are. Your resume text is a bit small, kind of hard to read and if someone is interested in hiring you they are going to check out your background and read your resume. Enlarge your text a little.Overall I think you are getting your point across. I think your site is good and it really explains who you are.Good Luck
  • grandmistressgrandmistress subscriber Posts: 1
    Dear CraigL, Consumertreehouse,and  nhgnikole,
    Thanks so much for your input.
    CraigL, you are so right on about presenting myself in story.  What a wakeup call, sir. 
    I`ll make the suggested changes this week to the Resume and creating more white space.
    Many Blessings to you all,
  • grandmistressgrandmistress subscriber Posts: 1
    Good Evening to All you wonderful community folks,
    I have done everything you suggested to make my site better.  I`m stuck with the flower though `cause that`s the MS Live program format.
    What do you think now?
    http://sylviamcconico.comgrandmistress1/16/2008 8:48 PM
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