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150 Home Business Ideas - My web based home business

AtHomeTakeHomeAtHomeTakeHome subscriber Posts: 2
edited January 2008 in New Member Welcome
Hi! I am a web based work-at-home entrepreneur.  I was able to create something that I hope will make me money while helping others find opportunities to start their own businesses and work from home.
I just started http://150HomeBusinessIdeas.com This website provides a bunch of ideas for starting a home based or small business for little start up cost. (The kinds of opportunities I am most likely to try myself and some of which I have.)
The site is what is known as an affiliate marketing website, which means I make money when people click on the links and buy a product. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most lucrative of that type business (or so I am told)  There is more information about that type business at http://athometakehome.biz/affiliate.htm
There are some other GREAT ideas at the website too that don`t necessarily involve a computer, like becomeing a professional organizer, starting a baby proofing service, cake decorating, candle making, jewelry and more.
My plan with this forum is to learn from others what works, help others with some of my own knowledge and communicate with like minded people about what works and what doesn`t. 
Add me to your friends!
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