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Have new idea, need help marketing

bellagirlbellagirl subscriber Posts: 1
  I have a new product that I am trying to maket. I have a patent pending on this idea. It will be used in the industrial safety supply business. This is going to help prevent eye injuries in the workplace. (machine shops, grinding, woodworking etc.)I need some help with the next step, getting it out on the market? Any ideas?


  • bellagirlbellagirl subscriber Posts: 1
    Yes I have the prototype and have a few manufactured, I am stuck on where to go next?
  • CSPURGEONCSPURGEON subscriber Posts: 10
    I am by no means an expert on patents or marketing but I would give them to a couple smaller machine shops <depending on he cost of the item>  This would enable you to have feedback to use in your marketing and might get the word out for your product.
  • bellagirlbellagirl subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for your input.. I will have to give it a try.
  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    Building a brand with a protected registered trademark is also generally helpful
  • AllenPAllenP subscriber Posts: 0
    In the industry where your product applies, seek out the Trade Association...get manufacturers/wholesale company information....find like products on the market...get the company contact information from those products....those are the likely candidates for manufacturing your product...
    ...unless you`ve got the capital...I would suggest licensing.
    I`ve used licensing and in the past 3 months have 2 products now about to be released...but I`ve no direct work to do on them to get them any further...license to established companies...that`s my strategy.
    Also....utility patents offer the best protection.AllenP2007-2-16 2:0:42
  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    seek advice on the utility patent application.
  • Innovator7Innovator7 subscriber Posts: 9
    Safety glasses for eye protection are mandatory in most work places.  Did you come up with something superior, cheaper, last longer etc?In most businesses, it is common to get a good idea about the size of the market before spending time and money on developing a new product.I`d say again, ideas are a dime a dozen.  Our materialistic society is full of gadgets and gizmos.  Can it use the new one?I personally came up with a compact component storage and dispensing system.  My tech even likes to have one.  He absolutely wants one, while he hates existing ones.  Of course I`ll use more than one myself.  He and I brainstormed to refine the system - he`s a successful inventor himself,  having made big money with them in the past.  We know the potential market for such a system would be about 1 million in the USA, therefore we forge ahead with the project.  Of course as usual with yours truly, a pro se patent application has been drafted and filed.Will we be successful? Who knows?  But we`ll try.  We`ll make more units for sampling and for sale on our new web site and on eBay.  WE have high hope.
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